Our flagship publication, PC Buyer's Guide was released in 2003 and since then offered the most comprehensive array of computer products and services available in the local market today. It offers a compilation of specs and prices of the latest products and where the readers can get them.
Every issue, PC Buyer's Guide has 135,000 estimated pass-on readership, which is comprised of business executives, professionals and I.T. users from the corporate world, government, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and academic institutions. A number of readers from the private and public sectors are decision makers in their organization's ICT direction and spending. Readership also includes I.T. enthusiasts such as students and young urban professionals.
What makes PC Buyer's Guide unique from the rest of today's publication is that it is the only magazine in the Philippines with paid advertising from cover to cover. It is conceived to give shoppers a new way of purchasing goods by compiling the broadest range of I.T. products in one handy package.
PC Buyer's Guide is also the first to introduce the magazine within a magazine concept by including a Cybershops section, a directory of computer shops all over the Philippines where readers can get reliable and up-to-date PC products and services.
PC Buyer's Guide has become a neutral ground where vendors, distributors, and resellers showcase their products may it be for personal, home or enterprise computing.
The youngest of the publications is PC Shopper, an I.T. lifestyle magazine that offers comprehensive yet reader-friendly articles on everything about I.T. PC Shopper is geared towards giving its readers a glimpse of the delightful side of today's high-tech lifestyle, with highlights on the slickest gadgets that will definitely thrill gizmo freaks.
From how-to articles, shopping guides, and entertainment features, to interviews and confessions of bloggers, PC Shopper helps readers explore new attractions and gadgets with easy-to-follow tips on how they can get the most out of technology.
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