ARMA III is out with a (Flash) Bang! (Bohemia Interactive)

By: Metamudkip


ArmA III just got out of its box. That's right: the long-awaited sequel to the ArmA series since ArmA 2, boasting new modes, better AI, and of course, Steam compatilibity, past iterations don't stand a chance. While most other standards of gameplay in this genre show nothing but running-and-gunning, the ArmA series deserves a new genre in themselves -- they dubbed their games actual "military simulators." And with good reason, too! Let's find out why.

What is ArmA 3 About?

ArmA 3 centers around the conflict of the Local Military, Militia, and NATO forces surrounding the Mediterranean islands of Altis and Stratis. There are many axes to the war, NATO fighting Militia, Local Military, fighting NATO, and Local Military fighting Militia too. In the midst of it all, the civilians are all that are left to survive -- who will they stand with?

The game is not just about the territory held -- it is also about the trust that the civilians give towards the militant forces in question. The question is this: Who wins? That is for the player to decide.


To sum up, ArmA 3 is basically not your simple run-and-gun. Forget about Halo, forget about Overwatch. This game is the epitome of being the patient warmachine that you ought to be. A good soldier is a patient soldier. And of course, the title bears it all -- ArmA 3 is not a simple shooter -- it's a military simulator.

Comparing it to other games such as the afformentioned Halo and Overwatch, we have to face the fact that in real life, shooting does not mean pointing a gun at someone a foot away from them. In ArmA 3, shootouts start miles away. The maps are literally mountains, and those few urban areas are blunders for the commander: Only the toughest armored cavalry and air support can take down the threat of a well-defended city.

This is not your ordinary Counter Strike game.


Let's face it: Gameplay is a massive immersive powerhouse. You can sit, stand, crouch, eat, whatever it is that you can do in real life you can do in this game. In fact, you can strip naked in the middle of a firefight! Not much of a problem, so long as you know what you're doing. Another thing to note is the controls regarding the sustainability of armored vehicles. What, you think this game is Battlefield 3 where you only need 1 soldier per tank? No siree, this game needs THREE characters in a tank, a commandeer, a gunner, and a driver. Good luck with the team work, soldiers!

I'm giving Immersion in this game a straightforward 5 out of 5 STARS.


Don't get me started here. Our NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 had trouble with max settings to think that such was one of the best in the Pascal NVIDIA roster at that moment! What, you'd think the graphics looked bad nonetheless? Why, no, no, no, sir. This game is a majesty to behold: post-processing, bloom, anti-aliasing, vertical sync all in one go upon setting it to its maximum. Stretch the Pascal architecture to the limit, boys! Here comes the ArmA graphics machine!

Let's not forget though, a very, VERY good option in this game to add to it: remember the post-processing and the bloom mentioned earlier? You can remove all of that. Anti-aliasing? You can zero that altogether. V-sync? Set that to zero. Heck, even the textures and skins can be modified to become as gritty as a 2-D game! ArmA 3's extreme adaptability towards which kind of hardware the computer is using is simply fascinating to say the least, and I might say, this is by far, one of my most favorite aspects of the game that we see today.

For the graphics, I give another 5 STARS.


Despite the earlier high scores, gameplay is a rather tough decision to me. Though in the last two decisions I found the ideas most point-blank, this one is rather... mixed.

First of all, if you remember in Call of Duty, taking out your sidearm in case your main gun runs out of ammo should be easier. In ArmA 3? Not so -- you have to remember which buttons to press, and worse of all, the buttons are on the other side of the keyboard!

Another big pain in this game is the fear-factor behind it. Though not always a bad thing, I must say, this game can be a big show of "rage-quitting," as the gamers put it. One may travel fifteen minutes in the woods walking and whistling gently, and next thing you know, your entire battalion is mowed down by a powerful airstrike.

This, after all, is the fear of war. And though playing a little war games can be fun too, sometimes, too much, and things get too scary.

I give the gameplay 3 STARS.

In Sum

In a way, ArmA 3 proves to be a strong competitor in the gaming world. Of course, a military simulator isn't exactly a first person shooter, but hey! Let's face it! If you want an immersive, beautiful, but nonetheless realistically scary game, you ought to try ArmA 3!

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