Caveblazers: The Yogscast Latest Love Letter to Long-Time Fans

By: Frank Emmanuel B. Trazo


The Yogscast have been well-recognized as online content creators since 2008. The English Youtube channel majorly produces gaming-related videos on Yogcast's main channel - Yogcast Lewis & Simon. And one of their recently published games is Caveblazers, a rogue-like, action RPG platformer.

Caveblazers was developed by Rupeck Games and is now available on Steam. The game shares the same concept of procedurally-generated levels and perma-death from games such as Spelunky and Risk of Pain. All caves are different so every playthrough is new and exciting.

In Caveblazers, characters are customizable from head to toe and every playthrough unlocks new outfits. Players can actually dress up their characters to look like some of the Yogscast members.

Players explore caverns and they can only live once. Deaths result from restarting at the beginning but players receive new perks and buffs. Weapons, tomes, randomized potions, altars and treasures are scattered around the game. Items also help players increase their stats. The farther players progress to next levels, the more rewards and upgrades become obtainable. Threats range from lurking monsters to traps. At the end of every stage, players fight massive bosses. Each boss requires unique strategies to defeat them.

Players can also recruit friendly AI characters to assist them on their way. These AI characters are vulnerable and they can get killed by enemies and traps. There will also be hostile AI characters to confront.

This game comes with Daily Challenge Runs where each run provides a starting loadout and different traits. There is only one chance to play each Daily Challenge Runs. Seasoned players can also do extra challenges by fulfilling objectives for additional rewards.

Rupeck Games is also planning to add Local Multiplayer so that more players can team up. More updates will eventually come in this game. For any dedicated Yogscast fans out there, you have to get Caveblazers now on Steam and give the Yogscast a second chance.

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