Etiquette in Team Gaming

By: Metamudkip


Everyone loves a good game. Even better when in multiplayer cooperative modes, the players work together to reach the goal.

But what if players don’t do what they ought to? What if they just stare around, use up all of the party’s Phoenix Downs, or just outright storm into the building without first throwing a flash bang through the door?

1. You’re a medic, and you don’t heal others.

Etiquette in Team Gaming

Ok, cool, so you’re a medic.

You can heal. That’s nice. But what if you don’t heal your team mates, and only use your healing abilities for yourself? This doesn’t just apply to shooters with medics – some RPG games have Healers, whose abilities could be abused by the player and just have them spray-and-pray whilst drinking all the Heal-A-Cola.

2. Your ping rate is too high.

Etiquette in Team Gaming

This is most obvious when all your specs are good, including your own ping rate.

Ever notice how your computer is good, your internet is fast, but you’re still lagging? Yep, this is an example of that.

Ping is how fast one computer responds to the other computer. To go simpler, lower ping means faster connections, and thus, less lag.

Make it a courtesy for your team mates. Some game servers have their own way of working out lag by balancing out the ping rate of each computer in the session. If your ping is too high, you might want to leave the session because other players will also have slower response rates. Not only will you have a bad game, your team mates will have a bad game, too.

3. You don’t share your vehicle.

Etiquette in Team Gaming

In some games, vehicles are included.

And when they’re not single-seaters, remember to share your car with your team mates. (What’s the point of all those seats, foot rests?) This would not only allow your team mates to also traverse the map faster, but also increase your survivability should you leave your car. Plus, what’s harder to shoot at, one driver, or three guys in a car shooting back?

4. Kill Theft.

Simple enough. Someone already has their name on the kill, and you still take the target down with a powerful final blow.

(I’m talking about you glory-hogs out there.) We get it, you need the experience points and the money when you get the job done, but seriously, guys, if your team mate were beside you, he would very much be tempted to punch you in the ‘nads.

5. Being too quiet.
Games that require voice communication would most probably fall victim to players with this red flag.

If you’re not going to talk, then at least use the in-game text chat. And remember – send it to the right recipient; you might send your messages to the enemy unknowingly. And don’t be a traitor, jeebus.

6. Being too noisy.

This is the exact opposite of the above. Get too noisy, and everyone won’t be able to hear everyone else. And also remember to check the configuration of your microphone. You might be sending static without knowledge of it.

Games have a setting where the user may check the resulting sound of talking through their microphone, most saying “Test Microphone” or something along those lines. Or if all else fails, just use the in-game chat. (Duh.)

7. Not taking the game seriously when everyone else is.

Etiquette in Team Gaming

When the game gets serious, take it seriously as well.

People want to enjoy the game, so you should do your best to help them enjoy it. Remember: in team games, you’re not the only player. Of course, it works the other way around, too. If everyone is just fooling around (especially when they don’t want the session to finish yet), just do the same.

8. Going AFK at the wrong time.

So the game is ablaze, clashes are starting, alliances among the empires are forged… and you need to pee.

Let’s face it – we all need to leave the keyboard sometimes, but when the fight is getting hot, HOLD IT IN!

9. Trash talk.

I’m putting this last because this is the most obvious. Though sometimes a little trash talk strengthens the friendship among colleagues, most of the time, especially if you’re talking to a stranger, it doesn’t help at all. To be safe, avoid cussing, and remember to congratulate when appropriate.

My colleagues have a saying: A courteous gamer is a mature gamer. To make a proper good game, be courteous to everyone, and expect the same to be done to you.

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