The Computer Age Gap

By: PCBG Contributing Writer


I remember more than once hearing a person of higher age saying “...too many computers.” It gives me a feeling of insecurity. What about computers? Are computers bad? Did they ever hurt anyone directly?

Why is there an age gap in the preference of computers?

1. Media

Media is probably the biggest culprit. Why not? Earlier generations pushed for rock and roll -- maybe it’s the same for computers and gadgets.

But why the fear? One thing that might be worth pointing out is the preference of the new generation from the TV to the monitor screen. That is an obvious major difference.

2. Control

From radio to TV, a big difference of computers from them is the lack of a keyboard. Smart TVs have started to come into fruition. But why so? Millenials want control.

3. Safety

It might not be as obvious, but older people might also find computers more dangerous. Just as how they find the CRT television old compared to the flat-screen, computers might pose different problems too.

These problems include seizures caused by epilepsy because of monitor light, electrical bursts, and of course, explosions caused by computer parts.

4. Legality

Computers in themselves also have their own set of rules. After the dawn of the computer age after IBM created the Big Blue, governments all over the world decided that computers now need new rules to govern them. Computers, in a way, are a different world.

Computers are new. This is a definite fact. And with this fact, age is a thing to consider. We might say that for some of the younger generations computers are friendlier, but for older people, computers can range from easy, to outright scary. We have to know what kind of computer to use, otherwise, we might not use computers at all.

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