The Everyday Sound: FD F210X High Fidelity Wireless Speaker



The Everyday Sound:  F&D F210X High Fidelity Wireless Speaker

When going through our everyday lives, music is a near-requirement in keeping the stress off. And with good speakers comes good music.

It looks simple. Its weight is manageable. Connections to it, such as the auxiliary cable and bluetooth, are very easy to connect. We did not need to find our own auxiliary cable since it has its own.

The F&D 210X’s bass is easy to configure. It is perfect for bedroom-sized chambers, not for big places such as theaters and courts. Nonetheless, if one opts to use it in bigger spaces, it has a remote control for when one needs to use it at a distance.

A downside of this simplicity though, is that when we used it with a USB flash disk, we had trouble in changing songs since the display is terribly simple.

It also has FM capability, which is a very good complement to the Bluetooth and auxiliary capabilities, especially when one does not have their own songs to choose from.

Songs such as Lorde’s Bravado showed good bass when equalized to concert mode. And when bass is lowered, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida had very stark instruments.

Verdict: 5 Stars. This speakers’ set of interfaces make it very versatile.

The Everyday Sound:  F&D F210X High Fidelity Wireless Speaker

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