Why is Minecraft Modded So Much

By: PC Buyer’s Guide Gaming Crew


Minecraft, a game made by the company Mojang, is a huge success. Featuring nothing but a square-y world and a simple block-y map automatically generated upon observation, Minecraft is a hit both to kids and kids-at-heart. In one tweet, J.K. Rowling herself said, "I have an 11 year-old son. Of course I know Minecraft."

Well then, if minecraft seems so perfect already, why do people wish to mod it so much?

1. People want their own world

People want their own planet - their own world - their own creation. Mojang already made a good starting point for this. Why not make a new world for me? For you? For all of us? This makes for a good story, and in fact, many mods contain stories in themselves.

Many mods, for example, involve stories such as aliens and zombie attacks. Some even have themes such as those of Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. People have always wanted their own way in their own time and place, and in this same way, people will always know how to go about with their own modding and gaming.

2. People are always predisposed to creativity.

It's what makes us so human. In the movie iRobot, Will Smith asks the robot, "Can a robot write poetry?" Of course not! Only a true human being wants to make art. Only a true human being wants to be artistic.

In the same scene, the robot replies, "Can you?" And though Will Smith stood silent on his seat, he should have replied, "YES! I am a human being and I am predisposed to creativity!"

3. Modding has always been fun.

Let's face it: Making your own world, being creative, letting go of all of your inner wants and desires of what kind of world you want -- those are great forms of stress relief sometimes. Though Minecraft is a simple block-and-shape game, mods make life more interesting, and of course, more fun in every way. Life is so much more fun when a person can have a little control over their gaming.

4. Finally, you sometimes make money out of modding.

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