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By: Christine Joy Calsis


The moment you get your hands on one of them, it will definitely be unforgettable. And when you finally own one of them, it’ll surely be your most prized possession. Today, virtual reality (VR) headsets are the most popular gaming devices across the globe, as proven by the players and enthusiasts who have nothing to give but praises.

The VR headsets did change the way a game is played. Though it took a lot of years for us to experience VR, what’s important is that they’re already in the palm on our hands.

They may come a bit pricey, but with the incredible things they provide, every cent spent will truly be worth it. But the experience can be stepped up to the next level as several accessories made particularly for VR headsets are also starting to build their own fandom.

VR Cover

VR Cover
When you thought your VR headset is already safe from dust and dirt, you might want to think again. Fortunately, there are VR covers on the loose to help you save your precious device from getting all the bacteria. The VR cover can be bought on Amazon.com and is available for Oculus Rift and Gear VR. It’s a soft sweatband type of cover that is comfortable for your eyes and it can be easily washed. It’s packaged in 3’s so you won’t run out of covers.


If you’re not a fan of holding controllers, then the Gloveone is the perfect accessory for you. It is a pair of gloves designed with vibrotactile actuators, one per fingertip and five in the palm. It tracks your finger movements with six IMU (3-Axis) and orients your hands with one IMU (9-Axis). It features wireless Bluetooth
® 4.0 communication and a smart controller for you to have conductive zones for command triggering.

Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni
Be immersed even more in your game when you use the Virtuix Omni. It is an omni-directional treadmill designed to help you move freely around. Enjoy playing virtual games running through courses without tripping, falling or bumping anything. It features a moving belt that will hold you in position and special boots for gliding or sliding. Now, you can make use of your natural feet beneficially around the virtual ground.

Feelreal Mask

Feelreal Mask
Giving you chills and smells is what the Feelreal Mask will do in every game you play. It possesses n odor generator inside that has seven unique odor cartridges that can be swapped to complement the particular game you’re playing. It features two micro coolers and two micro heaters that will blow your face with hot and cold air depending on the environment. It also consists of an ionizing system that produces water mists and simulates water sprays, a vibro-engine on its top part that gives you vibrations in different levels, and an embedded Bluetooth
® microphone that surprisingly communicates with your teammates.

tesla suit

Tesla Suit
But obviously, nothing beats how cool it will be if you get to wear all these accessories in just one suit. That’s where the Tesla Suit enters the competition. The suit has several modules inside it so you can do the things at your own convenience. It has a T-belt, four bands for each of your arm and leg, and a pair of T-gloves. Wireless, washable, and smartphone-compatible, the Tesla Suit will just make your gaming experience more unforgettable.

leap motion

Leap Motion
From the big ones to the one you can actually wear, we now go down to the compact type. A portable kind of virtual gaming device that possesses a petite size is just what you need. And if you’re going to compare it with the other accessories, you can have this device used on your PC system. Meet the Leap Motion, a virtual controller that will let you play games without the need to hold onto something. For real! Grab this and see for yourself.

Play to Accessorize
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