ATH-M50X: The Better Version of ATH-M50

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino


Are you a neophyte in the world of hi-fi headphones and looking for guaranteed monitoring that can produce a high-end flat frequency response at a relatively affordable price? The award-winning Japanese company, Audio Technica, superseded its own ATH-M50 by crafting one of the most popular cans in the market, the ATH-M50X.

Much like any other products in the technology world that need a handful of improvements after their initial release usually tend to have an additional letter on their names, and not all of them are blockbusters in their second release. And Audio Technica’s ATH-M50X refuses to be a part of that category.

Released a couple of years after the Audio Technica ATH M50, the ATH-M50X has garnered several applauds from high-profiled audiophile critics in all angles. And there was no review so far that can cause the M50X’s downfall in the Hi-Fi headphones competition. Serving as the successor to the non-X, it has almost all the right attributes to be called as the king of entry-level closed-back headphones, or debatably, the king of entry-level headphones.

With its ability to eliminate unwanted noises from your surroundings while you are listening to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space or endlessly headbanging to Slipknot’s Psychosocial, it is 85% guaranteed that the ATX M50X will make you enter the realm of the songs you are listening to and make you realize that you have already passed the train station you’re about to step foot on. It has a flat frequency response which is very useful for editing or mixing sound pieces. The bass is lessened but is more controlled compared to its older brother, and the highs and mids are equally accurate, creating glass-clear sounds that resonate all over in a compact manner. To give everyone a bonus, the ATH-M50X is glorious when it comes to playing high-octane action games or watching Stanley Kubrick’s jumpscare-packed horror thrillers.

Since the ATH-M50X are over-the-ear headphones, some people might doubt taking them to public places due to their bulgy-looking cushions, to the point that they almost look like a tank. However, these are just some people, and everyone has their own will to bring what they want and what they do not want. Speaking of tanks, the ATH-M50X will just be fine on-the-go – be it while walking your dog in the park, jogging, or even building up your beef in the gym – as its durability equals its looks – TANKS. Since these cans are not the most handsome thing you’ll see, they still boast a premium feel to it even if they’re made of plastic with sheets of aluminum. These are the cans that you won’t always see at an affordable price despite the materials fused into them.

Overall, the ATH-M50X has clearly beaten its older brother because of the better sound quality and the three detachable cables. However, flatter frequency sounds might be preferred or ignored by some. Still, this doesn’t stop the ATH-M50X from becoming the undisputed king of entry-level Hi-Fi headphones.


Driver Diameter: 45mm

Magnet: Neodymium

Voice Coil: CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire)

Frequency Response: 15-28000Hz

Maximum Input Power: 1600mW at 1kHz

Sensitivity: 99dB

Impedance: 38 ohms

Weight: 285g (excluding cable and connector)

Cables: 1.2– 3m (detachable coiled); 3m (detachable straight); 1.2m (detachable straight)

Accessories Included: Protective Carrying Pouch, 6.33mm (1/4”) Screw-On Adapter

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ATH-M50X: The Better Version of ATH-M50
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