Enderal: The Conversion of a World Anew

By: PCBG Gaming Crew


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an old game from 2011. It has brought us many ups and downs considering its bugs and broken features, along with its funny quirks placed on-purpose by the developers to keep the players entertained. Skyrim is, and will always be, a great hit.

Enter Enderal, the new "total conversion" for Skyrim. Why "total?" It says so in the name: total conversion meant one game became something else.

In Enderal, players continue to challenge different environments. Opponents include the ever-present fauna of The Elder Scrolls Franchise, such as grizzly bears, giant saber tooth cats, and of course, wooly mammoths. Giants are still prevalent in this game just as they had been in Skyrim, and of course, dragons of all sorts are also here.

Armor is still there. One thing to consider now is the gender-based armor, where different genders meant different armor sets. No matter, though - this bore no weight against the defense rating of the defensive equipment.

Swords? Good. Spells? Good. Crossbows? Of course! The same things that were present in the earlier expansions and downloadable content of Skyrim are still ever-present in Enderal. Staves, attack styles, sure and good to go. Of course, there is also the variation in the combo attacks, but no matter. Enderal has its own glitz and glamour in its own way.

The production of Enderal has never been really easy. It took years to create: and even until now, bugs are still being reported. When Skyrim was released in 2011, Enderal in 2016 meant 5 years in the making. Five years of work is in this game, all of it, by the modders, for the people.

Many people took part in its creation. One repository of the mods, for example, the Skyrim Nexus (www.nexusmods.com) provided some content for the developers to work with. Earlier mods such as the ENB mod by Boris Vorontsov and the many terrain reinforcement mods meant Enderal was made a sure-shot improvement to Skyrim.

In a way, Enderal is the daughter of Skyrim

Enderal: The Conversion of a World Anew
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