Project Morpheus

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Project Morpheus

Currently in the works, the Play Station VR, aka Project Morpheus, might just be another port of the VR into the PS4. But is it just another boring VR pair of goggles?

Is it?

The VR goggles for Sony Play Station was announced some time ago and Sony promises to release it this 4th quarter of 2016. Another VR? We already have goggles for gaming on the PC and for videos.

With the VR technology pushing into the gaming world, Sony decides to make the move by creating the Project Morpheus.

Now, if you thought the Play Station VR Headset was just like the others, think again. Project Morpheus isn’t just about putting together a couple of images together; it also makes sure the television view is maintained so other people can still see it. It’s a brownie point for Sony.

Sony wants to turn it into a proper social game. The television view and the VR view should allow maybe two people to see the same picture, or even different ones. It’s ideal for groups. They’ve already made some demo social games. They’re trying to make a new niche out of it. Basically, a new idea.

Project Morpheus

The Play Station 4 will also allow all games to be played in virtual space. Using the goggles, you’d find yourself in the worlds you thought you’d only get to see with your TV.

The goggles aren’t meant to let certain games lag behind. Some games might have an edge – obviously, games such as Call of Duty or The Elder Scrolls games that are played in first-person will end up being more fun. Others might not have the same fortune, since they’re played in another perspective. Sony noted that all of the latest releases will be playable in VR, so long as they are within the range of what the Playstation 4 was meant to take on. They might not be as forgiving to homebrew games, however.

Sony also made it a point that the “social” theme of the goggles will be a big plus. It was, in fact, the very point of why the Playstation is still playable in another screen despite how the VR goggles are given a different view.

Maybe it’ll go out of class soon, considering VR is sprouting all over the place. Nonetheless, the new “social” idea of the PS4 should last long. Don’t miss it.

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