Review: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse

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Review: Razer Mamba  Tournament Edition Mouse

Razer released the Mamba Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse late 2015 in its full glory.

Looking from the outside, stunning color light up the mouse between the gaps -- perfect for night gamers. The colors are vibrant, and are amazing to look at, especially when playing games that require plenty of mouse movement, since you can see the mouse’s form in your fingertips.

Review: Razer Mamba  Tournament Edition Mouse

Its movement settings are amazing. It has DPI adjustment, with a maximum of 16,000 DPI. This makes it good for games such as first person shooters that require precision. To add to this, it uses laser tracking, making it easier on surfaces. It also has sensitivity adjustment.

Review: Razer Mamba  Tournament Edition Mouse

Ergonomics is a must for mice, and the Mamba Tournament Edition shows excellence. With a maximum digital speed of 210, the gamer can become a nasty opponent in mouse-needy games. It has a total of 9 programmable buttons on its side. The mouse’s cable is braided, so as to avoid curling up and tangling on the table.

Spectral, wave, and static lighting are among the few options available for beautiful perfection.

This mouse is a must for Razer users.

Review: Razer Mamba  Tournament Edition Mouse

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Review: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse
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