World War II in the Perspective of a Commander

Posted on:09/09/2017
War games allow new generations of players to learn something about history. Despite some critics claiming that war games trivialize horrible tragedies into simple, mindless entertainment, war games have the potential to garner interest through a modern and more enticing medium. Developed by French video game company Eugen Systems and published by Swedish video game Paradox Interactive Steel Di... Read More>>

Dark Souls in Sci-Fi

Posted on:09/08/2017
Hardcore action games like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne allowed a new generation of gamers to experience what is it like to play classic games in the 80s. Classic games from arcades and NES are really notorious for their difficulty, yet dedicated gamers strive to conquer them. The trend of ultra-hard games is getting popular again. One of the latest game is strongly influence from that t... Read More>>

When Medieval Combat Meets Magic

Posted on:09/07/2017
There are several films, animated features and video games that have depicted Middle Eastern culture as mystical, exotic and enticing. Mirage: Arcane Warfare is a multiplayer, first-person shooter that lets players recognize the beauty of Middle Eastern culture. This game is developed by Torn Banner Studios, the same team who created Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior. T... Read More>>

The Great White Mystery in Kona

Posted on:09/06/2017
Every hometown has its own tall tales. Such tales makes every community unique, interesting and historically significant. When these tales are translated into video games, gamers will get to know better about a hometown's culture. Kona is one of the latest mystery game that will let players dive into Canada's rural culture. Kona was produced by an independent software development company call... Read More>>

Dungeon Fighter Online Long-Awaited Update

Posted on:09/06/2017
On May 30, 2017, Neople released a major update for the global version of Dungeon Fighter Online. Neople decided to catch up with the main Korean version that has been always 6 months ahead. Dungeon Fighter Online, or simply abbreviated as DFO, is an online RPG made by Neople. The game incorporates elements of RPG in the form of beat-em-up. The first English version in 2009 was handled by Nexon... Read More>>

Steam Greenlight: An End of a Chaotic Era

Posted on:09/06/2017
On June 6, 2017, Valve decided to discontinue Steam Greenlight. After suspending the submission of new games, they had more than 3400 games that were pending in Steam Greenlight. Some titles weren't granted approval since they lacked further feedbacks and voter data. Valve launched its new services, Steam Direct, on June 13, 2017. Steam Direct will be their new platform for accepting new titl... Read More>>

Steam Sales: HOW AND WHY

Posted on:08/14/2017
Steam sales are a massive tip against the balance of the game world. It's why everyone looks into Steam for a cheap game. ("Ooh check that game! OMG! It must be on sale on Steam soon!" "I WANT TO BUY IT!") Steam sales are the climax of any game's buying point -- if a game has reached the point of a sale, BAM! Here comes the buyer train! Choo choo! For those who are in the dark, Steam is a game ... Read More>>

Titanfall 2 vs Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted on:08/09/2017
How is Titanfall 2 Right now? It's a huge shock in the gaming world. Titanfall 2, a largely positively reviewed game, has most, if not all, free downloadable content. Not "content" yet? (yes, pun intended). More are to come soon, and when they do arrive, wow oh wow, expect a good game. GG guys! What's with Mass Effect: Andromeda? And on the other corner of the ring, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Th... Read More>>

Caveblazers: The Yogscast Latest Love Letter to Long-Time Fans

Posted on:08/09/2017
The Yogscast have been well-recognized as online content creators since 2008. The English Youtube channel majorly produces gaming-related videos on Yogcast's main channel - Yogcast Lewis & Simon. And one of their recently published games is Caveblazers, a rogue-like, action RPG platformer. Caveblazers was developed by Rupeck Games and is now available on Steam. The game shares the same concep... Read More>>

DazeD, Swag and Azk Freed Following Change of ESL Ban Policy

Posted on:08/07/2017
There were numerous controversies that held the neck of the Counter Strike competitive scene e.g., KQLY's VAC shot against PaszaBiceps during a 1v1 retake at ESL One Cologne 2014, the live banning of Emilio from Team Property against HellRaisers in a mid-tier tournament, etc. But how about the controversial news that had surfaced across the CS:GO community where the four players of the team iBUY... Read More>>

ARMA III is out with a (Flash) Bang! (Bohemia Interactive)

Posted on:08/04/2017
ArmA III just got out of its box. That's right: the long-awaited sequel to the ArmA series since ArmA 2, boasting new modes, better AI, and of course, Steam compatilibity, past iterations don't stand a chance. While most other standards of gameplay in this genre show nothing but running-and-gunning, the ArmA series deserves a new genre in themselves -- they dubbed their games actual "military si... Read More>>

Cheers to the Best Entry-Level Earbuds

Posted on:08/03/2017
Have you ever looked at a particular set of earphones and said "No, I'm not buying that expensive pair of cans. I'd rather get the cheaper ones in Raon or Divisoria"? Apparently, you're just one of the several people who practices the idea of practicality over substance. Don't get me wrong. It's not a mishap-causing concept and it's certainly not that bad of a principle to lean on considering th... Read More>>

The Genius Behind Threadripper

Posted on:08/02/2017
Lisa Su, for those in the dark, is a Silicon Valley genius. She is one of the biggest names in the semiconductor business, a notable Forbes name for one of the most creative female minds in history, and now, of course, she unveils to us the THREADRIPPER. The Threadripper Amazing, Magical, Fantastic. These are what simply make the Threadripper so, simply, beautiful. This new processor by AMD is... Read More>>

When Cartoon Nightmares Come to Life

Posted on:08/02/2017
Classic cartoons from the 1920s remind us of better times. Everything was carefree, everybody was nice and pleasant to each other and solutions to any problems were very easy. But what if there was a darker side of that nostalgic phase? Explore the more sinister side of classic cartoons in Bendy and the Ink Machine. Stated on the game's official site in Game Jolt, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a... Read More>>

CS: GO Player Profile: Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Posted on:08/02/2017
In reference to the recently held PGL 2017 Krakow Major Championship, let's take a look on one of the greatest sinister AWP players to have ever graced the Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo of SK Gaming. With his accurate shot placements, calm AWPing demeanor in chaotic situations and off-the-chart reaction time, CS: GO professional players, critics, and enthusiasts all ... Read More>>

What Gaming Mouse Do I Need

Posted on:08/01/2017
FPS Multiple loadouts Bunny-hopping Evasive maneuvers (rolling/ vaulting) WHAT MOUSE TO USE: You need a mouse with an extra button on a side. Example mice would be those that have buttons on their right hand side. This will allow for faster switching of loads. This also means increase in possible reactions (e.g. vault THEN hop). RTS Multiple unit settings Multiple unit relay... Read More>>

Machine Learning AI vs Employee Vigilance

Posted on:08/01/2017
Here we are again. Man versus machine. On one corner, we have the machine capable of reading huge amounts of data in so little time, and on the other, an employee who knows nothing but to do his or her job to the best of their effort. But against malware, who will fare better? What is malware? Malware has made it to the new vocabulary of "enemy files." They're not exactly viruses in that they... Read More>>

Use Your Words and Fill the Blanks

Posted on:07/31/2017
Party games are an integral part of any social gathering. It keeps any party going and interesting. But playing ultra-competitive games such as Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and even Monopoly can destroy friendship! For any party host out there, consider Use Your Words!, a game for teens, families, and adults that promise to bring great entertainment. Co-published by Smiling Buddha... Read More>>

Exportation and Importation of Electronics

Posted on:07/31/2017
What are computers without electronic hardware? At this moment, hundreds, even thousands of ships across the globe travel and send electronic hardware to different points of the map. Without these ships, there wouldn't be computers, and there would be no businesses, no gaming, no power users, and no technical users. Well then, what is there to talk about, really, about exportation and importati... Read More>>

The Numerical Pad: Why so Special

Posted on:07/31/2017
The numerical pad (which from now on we will call the "numpad") might just seem pretty useful to call center agents, cashiers, and telecomm operators. In computers, we already have numbers above our letter keys. The numpad doesn't seem to make much sense anymore, does it? The numpad has many uses, too. It may seem vestigial at first, but if we take a look at some of its in-depth characteristics... Read More>>

A Decent Anime RPG on the Go

Posted on:07/29/2017
The advent of mobile phone gaming launched thousands of games on the go. This genre may be disregarded by some hardcore gamers as too casual, but let us not invalidate their credit. For those who love role-playing games with an anime art style, anyone will definitely enjoy Valiant Force. Valiant Force was developed by XII Braves, a Singapore-based company and a novice in the mobile gaming ind... Read More>>

File Size and the Trust Threshold

Posted on:07/28/2017
Looking back into the 90s, we can remember the games that can fit into mere diskettes: that's right: 16 MBs for a game. If that's not enough, that's ok, we can have more (i.e. DOOM95 requires more disks to operate more levels). This nonetheless showed that games started off at low sizes, low calibers, and of course, in a sense, low demeanors. There has been an urban legend that the entire Sup... Read More>>

Video Game Cosplay: What is it

Posted on:07/27/2017
Video game cosplay is an artform that we tend to encounter time and again in publication, online, and sometimes, in person. It obviously takes much practice - the preparation, the skill required, the material handled, and of course, the actors behind the costume. But still, let's continue on. What is cosplay? Cosplay is the art of wearing the clothes and acting as though one is a character of ... Read More>>

Warfare in an Age of Computers

Posted on:07/22/2017
War has changed its face. When centuries ago we fought with swords, and later with gunpowder, now we fight in darkened rooms with computers before us. What has happened? Computers happened. The computer has changed our everyday lives. Our food, our shelter, our health system, and our money have all centered around computerization. Without computers, we would all go back to the Stone Age. And w... Read More>>

Why is Minecraft Modded So Much

Posted on:07/14/2017
Minecraft, a game made by the company Mojang, is a huge success. Featuring nothing but a square-y world and a simple block-y map automatically generated upon observation, Minecraft is a hit both to kids and kids-at-heart. In one tweet, J.K. Rowling herself said, "I have an 11 year-old son. Of course I know Minecraft." Well then, if minecraft seems so perfect already, why do people wish to mod i... Read More>>

Ragnarok Online PH: Continue the Legend

Posted on:07/13/2017
Level Up Games goes back into the MMORPG playing field with Ragnarok Online (RO), back in its former glory. We remember the good old days of playing RO with friends back in the 2000’s, and now that 2017 has come, it comes back to us in full nostalgia. Let’s recap: Level Up Games bought the rights to Ragnarok Online from Korean game developers bearing the Ragnarok title. Music was co... Read More>>

GTA Online: Ever Growing

Posted on:07/13/2017
GTA Online came into fruition upon the release of GTA V. It wasn’t that much of a hit then. Really, it was just a bunch of missions tangled together to form a new experience for players. It wasn’t special at all. There was nothing to be surprised about. But now? No. Absolutely not. GTA Online is a massive hit! From street shoot-outs to cooperative missions, all the way to group hei... Read More>>

The Computer Age Gap

Posted on:07/13/2017
I remember more than once hearing a person of higher age saying “...too many computers.” It gives me a feeling of insecurity. What about computers? Are computers bad? Did they ever hurt anyone directly? Why is there an age gap in the preference of computers? 1. Media Media is probably the biggest culprit. Why not? Earlier generations pushed for rock and roll -- maybe it’s th... Read More>>

Summer Loving in VR: Summer Lesson

Posted on:06/27/2017
Summer is one of the most magical and memorable seasons for the youth as it lets them experience love. As VR technology is becoming more reachable for public consumption and you can live in that fantasy with Summer Lesson. Summer Lesson was launched as one of the most anticipated VR games in summer of 2017. The game was produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment and it utilizes Unreal Engine 4. The ... Read More>>

Step into a Brave New World with Horizon Zero Dawn

Posted on:06/27/2017
Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by its very own Guerilla Games which is known for developing the Killzone franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn arises with great vigor in this modern gaming sphere. Pitched by art director Jan-Bart van Beek in 2010, Horizon Zero Dawn was chosen among the 40 concepts. During an interview with its game director Mathijs de Jonge in Game Informer in ... Read More>>

Machines That Are More Human than Human

Posted on:06/27/2017
What does it mean to be human? In a time where people are immersed with technology, we are starting to question ourselves. NieR: Automata, an open world, action role-playing game, explores this question through androids’ perspective. NieR: Automata was published by Square Enix and developed by PlatinumGames which is very much recognized for their action game series Bayonetta, The Wonderful... Read More>>

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: One of Silicon Valley's Pioneers

Posted on:06/22/2017
Last May 2017, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) decided to open an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore. According to Tech Wire Asia, Singapore had an influx of new business branches from companies like Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, and Singularity University. HPE’s facilities will offer services like research and development, sales and marketing, as well as supply chain and logist... Read More>>

Unsung Heroes of World War 2

Posted on:06/21/2017
We are aware that war never changes and such is a horrifying experience in human history. Despite its despicable and sensitive subject, we still need to be constantly reminded of our past in order to avoid committing the same mistakes. And Call of Duty World War 2 promises to make the new generation of gamers treat World War 2 with much attention and respect.Call of Duty World War 2 is being dev... Read More>>

Dishonored in Space: The PREY Remake

Posted on:06/20/2017
Humanity has been dreaming of discovering not only the uncharted corners of the world but also exploring the depths of space. Other than proving we are not alone in this universe, there are still qualms like the fear of the unknown and the abuse of the untouched alien resources. Those realizations are explored in Prey.Prey is a first-person, action-adventure shooter with RPG elements. Serving as... Read More>>

Pound-for-Pound for the Best Gaming Mouse

Posted on:06/17/2017
The overly riveting peripheral specialist from the Logitech castle have once again perfected a very promising gaming mouse which can probably – at least via benchmark – outperform any mouse in all occasions. Introducing the G900 Chaos Spectrum, this wireless mouse is masterly optimized for any genre, making it a top pick among most eSports athletes. Due to its dashing but balanced-lo... Read More>>

DC’s Summer Blockbuster Rumble: Injustice 2

Posted on:06/17/2017
The popularity of comic books has become stronger with waves of superhero movies. Some of them came from Warner Bros. Studios and DC. This year, fans are not only anticipating for the screening of Wonder Woman and Justice League, but also for Injustice 2.Developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Injustice 2 is the direct sequel of DC Comics’s... Read More>>

Ragnarok’s Second Coming

Posted on:06/17/2017
One of the most decorated MMORPGs, possibly the granddad of all online role-playing games, that had claimed the hearts of aspiring swordsmen, mages and healers around the world for almost a decade has now vowed to make its second coming (redemption) to once again personify the game’s most essential part to every wistful geek, its massive game culture.With its game relaunch festival at the ... Read More>>

Terror in the Dark

Posted on:06/17/2017
In a genre where fans and Youtube gamers are easily startled from simple horror games with cheap jump scares, horror fans wouldn’t expect a similar experience from a game that has a carefully thought, high-quality production value.Outlast 2, the anticipated, indirect sequel of Outlast, was produced and published by Red Barrels, an independent Canadian video game developer. Under the superv... Read More>>

Some History on Ubisoft

Posted on:04/18/2017
Headquartered in Rennes, France, Ubisoft Entertainment SA, has suffered ups and downs, but nonetheless stays strong. Known for titles such as Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, and Assassin’s Creed, it’s a big competitor against other companies such as Electronic Arts and Bethesda. Its Uplay app is also a competition against Steam. 1990 - Started Developing, not a st... Read More>>

Earmark That Irresistible Yearn for the Zen

Posted on:03/13/2017
Tech experts and various computer enthusiasts, from what it seems to be an uncontested case, are blown away by AMD’ next-generation processor. As it appears, great raves have been undeniably uttered these past few weeks about the American semiconductor giant’s first-rate processing chip – the Ryzen. With its very recent launch, the Ryzen, which is built on the innovative Ze... Read More>>

Etiquette in Team Gaming

Posted on:03/03/2017
Everyone loves a good game. Even better when in multiplayer cooperative modes, the players work together to reach the goal. But what if players don’t do what they ought to? What if they just stare around, use up all of the party’s Phoenix Downs, or just outright storm into the building without first throwing a flash bang through the door? 1. You’re a medic, and you don’t ... Read More>>

Notes on Intel®’s Tick-Tock Model

Posted on:03/03/2017
Though Intel has scrapped the previous “Tick-Tock” CPU production model, it is still good to note how well it has gone through the years. Intel’s “Tick-tock” design is not very visible to the layman’s eye. At first glance, it doesn’t seem very important. But if you look at the specs of the Intel® processor, this cannot be farther from the truth. ... Read More>>

The Everyday Sound: FD F210X High Fidelity Wireless Speaker

Posted on:03/03/2017
When going through our everyday lives, music is a near-requirement in keeping the stress off. And with good speakers comes good music. It looks simple. Its weight is manageable. Connections to it, such as the auxiliary cable and bluetooth, are very easy to connect. We did not need to find our own auxiliary cable since it has its own. The F&D 210X’s bass is easy to configure. It is perfec... Read More>>

Call of Duty Two-Worders

Posted on:03/03/2017
With Call of Duty's remastered version released, we should look back at some of Call of Duty:Modern Warfare storyline's memorable two-word quotes. 1. "Crew expendable."In the player's first deployment as an SAS operative, they attack a ship carrying nuclear material. When Captain Price, the lead captain, is asked about how to engage the unarmed mariners, he says straightforwardly: "Crew expenda... Read More>>

Maximizing your Overdrive

Posted on:02/24/2017
Rock Band™, by the developers at Harmonix Studios, is a tough competition in the rhythm game market. Guitar Hero and DJ Hero can’t quite catch up with the diversity and allure of the colors of the Rock Band series. A big plus with all Rock Band™ games is the Overdrive, Rock Band’s version of Guitar Hero’s Star Power. Overdrive gives a new, much brighter color schem... Read More>>

Battlefield: Sequels and Prequels

Posted on:02/24/2017
Battlefield™ by DICE and Electronic Arts is a great game indeed. If you don’t want Call of Duty’s lack of realism but abhor the realistic military simulation of ARMA, you should opt for Battlefield. Battlefield’s sequence of titles would easily make one misled. Numbers, numbers, numbers – and all of it only differing in setting. 1. Battlefield 1942 (2002) Though ... Read More>>

Gaming Modding Tools

Posted on:02/24/2017
Making mods for the PC can be fun, especially when you realize that you can only mod as properly on the PC.. There are many modding tools out there, and most are specific to their respective games. Here’s a short list: 1. G.E.C.K. for Fallout 3 The Garden of Eden Creation Kit, or G.E.C.K. is the modding tool for Fallout 3. First mentioned in the computer log in the game’s Vault 10... Read More>>

Robbing a Jewel Store

Posted on:02/24/2017
GTA V has plenty of backlash – and with good reason. Sexual themes, extreme violence, outright cussing – all of it in one tin can. Since the start of Rockstar North’s infamous masterpiece of a game series, Grand Theft Auto has been hated by critics, and loved by fans. In GTA V, one of the first heists in the game is the Jewel Store job. Crew Selection A heist is nothing w... Read More>>

Overclock: Why and How

Posted on:01/19/2017
Overclocking has been around for decades. Overclocking is a gamer’s dream come true – push your computer to the limit to maximize performance and generate better frame rates for better displays. The most common way to overclock has always been to enter the BIOS, set up new frequency and bandwidth parameters, and voila, you have a more powerful machine. Why should I overclock? Simpl... Read More>>

The Best Gaming Computer

Posted on:01/19/2017
2016 is a big jump in the tech world. From the new GDDR5X interface, the PCI-Express 4.0 socket, and not to mention the more affordable price range of some Pascal architecture chips, this year has given us a year of new horizons. We learned much from this year’s innovations, and we ought to point them out in this article. In this article, we’ll try to make the most powerful PC for 201... Read More>>
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