Play to Accessorize

Posted on:06/23/2016
The moment you get your hands on one of them, it will definitely be unforgettable. And when you finally own one of them, it’ll surely be your most prized possession. Today, virtual reality (VR) headsets are the most popular gaming devices across the globe, as proven by the players and enthusiasts who have nothing to give but praises. The VR ... Read More>>

Be Cozy In Your Futuristic Chamber

Posted on:03/29/2016
Being madly in love with your bedroom isn’t a disturbing matter, but not personally decorating it with the things you love is. As what people say, you can never truly know a person unless you’ve seen his or her bedroom. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect reflection of the owner. You can discern his or her hobbies, addictions, and favor... Read More>>

Sweet Valentine’s Gifts for HIM

Posted on:02/10/2016
Getting something cool for their man this coming Heart’s Day is something that the ladies out there are very much aware of. And if he’s a tech geek, we might just make things easier for you. In this issue of PC Shopper, we’ve gathered the most awesome gift ideas to get your hubby this Valentine’s Day. Not only will he love y... Read More>>

Gadgets to Make the V-Day Road Trip a Sweet Ride

Posted on:01/26/2016
Ahhh, Valentine’s Day, the only day where love is mostly felt all around the world. Admittedly, it is also the best day to have that special trip with your darling. And what better way to go on road trips than to pack your house right inside your car. Sounds impossible? Maybe. However, if it’s in this modern day you won’t be able ... Read More>>

Gear Up for the Best Games That Are Yet to Come

Posted on:01/07/2016
The year 2015 has truly been a thrilling one for the solid gamers out there while 2016 is expected to get even better as several intensifying games are coming. And to further increase the excitement of every gamer, PC Shopper gathers the most anticipated game of 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End An upcoming a... Read More>>

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him

Posted on:12/23/2015
When it comes to gift-giving, let’s all admit that it’s mostly the ladies who’d expect and appreciate a present. However, we of course, don’t want to disregard the hombres out there. That’s why we bring you in this particular article the coolest gadgets, smart devices, and techie toys that you can give your dads, ... Read More>>

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Her

Posted on:12/22/2015
Girls and gadgets – together, they just melt a man’s heart. And if you happen to be reading this and you’re a guy, you may want to browse the things we have listed below. Feed your eyes with these amazing gadgets, while deciding on what gift you should get for your darling this holiday. But if you’re just a simple, lovable,... Read More>>

Apps to Rock your Pets World

Posted on:12/17/2015
Having a pet around the house to keep you company brings nothing but comfort and happiness. Pets have played a big role in our lives. When we just need to cuddle someone, they're beside us. When we can't keep secrets anymore, their ears are ready to listen. When we're just so down and lonely, their furry tails are always ready to tickle us and ke... Read More>>

Batman: Arkham Knight: 10 Things to Go Crazy About It

Posted on:10/21/2015
Ahhh. That dark, bat-like superhero we all loved since the day it was created by DC Comics. Ever since, no kid has existed, not adoring the protector of Gotham City. He’s a superhero but not a superhuman. Not possessing any superpowers, but only unique abilities from his physical skills, we came to know Batman. Comics, movies, and now video ... Read More>>


Posted on:09/08/2015
POP QUIZ! Besides Facebook, Twitter and Instagram name at least five other social media sites you know / you have an account at. A round of applause for you! If you got all five. But if not, this article might just help you. If asked, only few could give answers, that aside from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, what are the other social networ... Read More>>

Sony Products 2015

Posted on:09/08/2015
My One & Only Sony I would definitely consider myself biased for doing this Weekly Ten affair which purely talks about Sony products. Yes, I love anything Sony. I mean no disrespect to those who prefer other brands. I just feel like doing this at the moment. It’s quite obvious that we’re halfway through the present year. And I woul... Read More>>

Gear up for school with these gadgets

Posted on:09/08/2015
Schooldays has already started and this year will be another year for endless homework, research papers and reports. Luckily, there are gadgets that will surely aid these students to finish their jobs on time. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Who doesn’t want to go to school if you own a phone like the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge, right? Though i... Read More>>

Top 10 Facebook Games

Posted on:09/07/2015
School has already begun and students are again in their study mode. Well, they’re supposed to be. With all the lessons and assignments given everyday, of course, students also get exhausted and weary. And to take a little break from study time, most students would opt to play games. Since Facebook ranks among the students’ choice ... Read More>>

10 Weirdly Cool USB Stuffs

Posted on:09/07/2015
While I was busy turning pages on some of the issues of our lifestyle magazine PC Shopper which were published way back 2009, not only that I was fascinated about the contents showing how the technology and the internet had improved over the years but I was also surprised that by reading these magazine I was being brought to the past. It’s li... Read More>>

Weekly 10: To Die For Luxury Smartwatches

Posted on:09/07/2015
‘Smart’ is probably the right word to describe the current technology in mobile devices. Well, better be smart than dumb. From the success of smartphones now comes the most anticipated high-end smartwatches. These new wireless wearable devices can track fitness-related and health-oriented activities like the total number of steps walked... Read More>>

10 Gadgets Fit for the Rainy Season

Posted on:09/07/2015
Since the rainy season has started its way through our plains, we can’t avoid that we’d be wet in all instances. Our umbrellas might not be enough to protect our priced possessions – our gadgets. We can keep them dry inside our bags but how sure are we that they will be safe from getting wet? Well, maybe it’s time to start p... Read More>>

Cutest Keyboard Decals for MacBook

Posted on:09/02/2015
Apple has not only been great in delivering quality products, but it has also been highly praised for their fashionably styled gadgets and devices. We all know that the MacBook series is one of the most loved electronic devices that Apple has produced. There are many reasons for loving such, not to mention the device’s extremely soft keys, n... Read More>>

Bringing Home the Future

Posted on:04/27/2015
We're always excited with what the future brings. There's always something brewing just around the corner that it's simply impossible to keep track of things being redefined by the moment. Heck, there might be something being invented at this moment, for all we know. But whatever the, why don't we take a little piece of that technology and bring ... Read More>>

PC Shopper Gift Guide

Posted on:04/20/2015
With the most wonderful time of the year casting its festive and bright shadow over us, it only makes sense to start thinking of what to get your loved ones and inaanaks. And while moolah and the infamous (/ famous) ‘Good Morning’ towels are still acceptable and practical gifts, today’s gift receivers expect you to give your pres... Read More>>

11 Cool Sites

Posted on:04/18/2015
Goodreads.com If you’re a bookworm by any chance, / you just want to check out some nice gifts for your loved ones, then Goodreads.com is a wonderful place to start. They have awesome recommendations, nice reviews, author’s biographies, and amazing finds for every type of booklover out there. They also have an ‘Author Program&r... Read More>>

10 Gadgets that Turn your Living room into a Tech Heaven

Posted on:04/10/2015
In this day and age, researches and studies suggest that some that some people spend more time in technology than in sleeping. Admit it or not, we spend (or waste) most of our time looking at TV, computer or mobile screens. Some of us may even dream of having a man cave – somewhere we can expand our recreational time in; a place wher... Read More>>


Posted on:04/07/2015
A Smartphone – the most powerful thing in your pocket, the device that has been made so essential the king of mobility, call it what you may, but the fact doesn’t change that owning is more of a priority than a luxury, it’s a productivity workhorse, a gaming platform, a camera, and a multimedia player. Simply put, this mobile de... Read More>>

5 Groovy gaming goodness for the holidays

Posted on:03/31/2015
Are you excited to get a new gaming console or a handheld system for the holidays but you’re not too sure which one to purchase? Or maybe you’ve finally decided to stop going retro and check out what the eighth generation of gaming can offer? If you’re still hard-pressed on which to buy, don’t worry. We’ve got you cove... Read More>>

10 Guidelines For Your Awesome Blogging Career Ahead

Posted on:03/26/2015
Creating your very own blog is easy. Hit up Wordpress, Blogger, or some unholy provider of web-based services and voila! You get to publish your awesome juicy content that would inevitably scream Read Me! upfront. But is hitting your target audience a walk in the park? Not by a long shot. So let us help you get down to it with these 10 ways to... Read More>>

10 Noteworthy Features Inside iOS8

Posted on:06/04/2014
When all signs pointed to iOS8 during WWDC's precursor, iPhone stalwarts were at the edge of their seats with what Apple's latest rendition to their mobile operating system has in store for the crowd. But are the new features enough to reclaim the title they once held? Or is Apple still playing catch-up in the mobile lane? Check out these 10 new ... Read More>>

Google I/O: 10 Things That Spell Awesome

Posted on:06/28/2014
We follow our device's operating system religiously. It's either iOS or Android for the most part. And as far as the heated debate goes, two annual keynotes just went underway. With Apple taking the first step at the beginning of June, Google still managed to prepare for their very own presentation that just kicked-off this week. But was Goo... Read More>>

10 Supercharged Smartphones For The Budgetarians

Posted on:06/14/2014
So school's already started. You've probably gathered around with your peers from school years past and saw them lash out their phones to show them off around. What's that? It's a showstopper smartphone that you've just seen recently in the internet. It's probably an entry-level one, / it's a flagship that's worth an arm and a leg. And if you're wo... Read More>>

10 Secrets to Get Internet Stardom

Posted on:06/19/2014
Some of us want to be famous, to be known, to get noticed. As a kid, most of us dreamed of becoming a superstar and dominate the world! Who wouldn't love turning heads as you pass by? Who wouldn't love the glitz and glamour and the royalty treatment that a famous celebrity always gets? We don't know about you but some people do. And what easier way... Read More>>

10 Must-Have Apps for the Summer-Traveler You

Posted on:06/19/2014
You're probably jumping for joy now that summer is here. So you probably have your swimsuits and plane tickets ready. But one thing is pretty certain, we're quite sure you have your very own smartphone. So get them ready, we're going to kick off your techie adventure across the hotter side of the country this season. We recommend you download these... Read More>>

10 Essential Gadgets To Survive A Techie Summer

Posted on:06/18/2014
The temperature's getting hotter and hotter. Yes, it's still summer! No wonder most of us are dying to travel off to somewhere so we can beat the heat. If you are heading to the beach or cooler places like Baguio or Tagaytay or you just want to stay at home (because you're too lazy to move an inch), you'll need to have these gadgets to make yo... Read More>>
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