The Simple Mechanical Keyboard That Will Probably Make You a Pro

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino |  Posted on:  Sep 18, 2017
As a certified addict of the first-person shooter (FPS) genre for an insurmountable amount of time, having to find a keyboard that will both definitively improve my aim and drastically enhance my comfortability in a virtual world infested by annoying players who are better than you is, no doubt, a pain in both hands and mind. However, there are gaming manufacturers who have now come up with a solution on helping players achieve good accuracy and smooth sailing momentums during their CS:GO or ... Read More>>

2K Gaming at Its Apex

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino |  Posted on:  Sep 05, 2017
I bet most of you don't own a ViewSonic gaming monitor, perhaps, even an ordinary ViewSonic monitor. What if I told you that ViewSonic currently has one of the smoothest gaming monitors, if not, the smoothest gaming monitor in the market for 2K gaming. The ViewSonic XG2703-GS 27" Gaming Monitor, the brand's gaming monitor flagship, has the sharpest tools to be recognized as one of the top dogs out there. Coming in with Wide Quad HD, this gaming monitor flaunts its ultra-realistic visuals in a... Read More>>

The Everyday Sound

By: Rafael Aquino |  Posted on:  Jul 22, 2017
When going through our everyday lives, music is a near-requirement in keeping the stress off. And with good speakers come good music. The F&D F210X Bluetooth Speakers are definitely a good complement to one's entertainment system especially after a rough day. Simple and manageable, its black frame indicates a restful appearance, wherein one may immediately attribute it to relaxation. Underneath the center speaker is a subwoofer and on its sides sit the stereophonic speakers. All-in-all, you... Read More>>

Handling Files from Mobile Devices with Transcend

By: |  Posted on:  Jul 20, 2017
Managing one’s files is very common today. Devices like phones, tablets, music players, cameras and laptops can store a lot of files. As more electronic consumer products are sold constantly, the demand for more efficient ways of transferring files between devices also increases. When it comes to storing data and handling multimedia files, Taiwanese brand Transcend is one of the leading choices. Consumers who need to manage the files from their computers and devices will find Transcend p... Read More>>

GALAX’s Snowy Rendition of the GTX 1050 Ti

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino |  Posted on:  Jul 14, 2017
What is even there to despise when we're discussing about GALAX's design on various GPUs? It seems like every time the name GALAX appears on some of the most beloved GPUS, especially the GTX series, I can't help but imagine the GPU's over-the-top sturdy feel, silkily-textured body and the manly GALAX logos embedded on its fans. These are all certainly true with the GALAX GeForce GTX 1050 Ti EXOC White, only with the white color, obviously. With GALAX's designing prowess, they coated the ... Read More>>

Store Important Projects and Be on the Go with Transcend

By: Frank Emmanuel B. Trazo |  Posted on:  Jul 12, 2017
Transcend® is a Taiwanese brand that’s well-recognized in the market for manufacturing devices dedicated to data storage and other multimedia purposes. Students who often encode their school projects would opt for a reliable portable storage. Fortunately, there’s the StoreJet® 25MC 1TB Hard Drive that lets them store their hard-earned works. We are going to inspect what makes this portable storage ideal for all students for this school year. Upon unboxing the portable ha... Read More>>

GALAX’s Friendly Introduction into the SSD World

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino |  Posted on:  Jul 12, 2017
The highly formidable manufacturer of several OEM gaming graphics cards has decided to make themselves known in the SSD world by serving the GAMER SSD L series on the platter. GALAX, who released the GAMER SSD L 120GB two years ago, has upsized the SSD to 240GB to make it a lot more competitive in the SSD market. The GAMER SSD L 240GB, much like the 120GB version, seems a bit too old-fashioned for my taste. This solid-state drive is just a plain black device with a GAMER logo on the front t... Read More>>

Jam with Creativity

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Jul 07, 2017
With a simple and plain black finish, the Sound Blaster Jam, an entry from Singapore-based audio company Creative Technology Limited, projects a classic glimpse of an ultra-light Bluetooth® headset that’s made for multi-purpose usages. The package contained the headset itself, a red cable for charging purposes, the typical user manual, and a one-year warranty. Upon laying hands on the Sound Blaster Jam, I instantly noticed and felt the super soft ear cushions that it had, which... Read More>>

ASRock Offers a Budget-Friendly Motherboard for Content Makers

By: Frank Emmanuel B. Trazo |  Posted on:  Jul 06, 2017
The Z270 Extreme4 Motherboard is part of ASRock’s latest Extreme lineup in the LGA 1151 series. ASRock has been recognized as one of the major producers of motherboards since 2002. Balancing money and innovation, this motherboard is ideal for the 7th and 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, including the latest Kaby Lake series. This is also ideal for content makers like video editors, 3D designers, gamers, and digital artists. At first glance, this motherboard looks impr... Read More>>

All Fangs Out for Apacer’s Latest Panther Entry

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino |  Posted on:  Jul 04, 2017
Released during Q2 of this year, Apacer’s Panther Rage Illumination Gaming Memory Module DDR4 took the gaming memory by storm. The Taiwanese multinational corporation pulled off one of its beautifully crafted DDR4 by creating a black-and-glass themed memory with a panther logo carved on the middle and a jagged curvature on top of it. A spiritual successor to last year’s Apacer’s Panther, the Panther Rage is an upscale of the earlier model. The interesting thing about Apac... Read More>>

A Sharp Take on Apacer’s Blade Fire

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino |  Posted on:  Jul 04, 2017
When it comes to world-class gaming memory modules, you can almost always guarantee that Apacer is your go-to brand of DDR4s. The Taiwanese company, which is heavily inclined and passionately driven on crafting memory modules has unleashed the Blade Fire DDR4. The strikingly-designed gaming memory comes off beautifully with its sturdily premium look and glossy polish. An eye-catching feature of the memory is the tusk-looking logo on its body which seemingly entices me to try this beauty. A... Read More>>

SuperMicro’s Plain-Looking Motherboard Manufactured for All the Right Reasons

By: Alvin Buencamino |  Posted on:  Jun 20, 2017
Released by the infamous eco-friendly computer manufacturer company SuperMicro, the X11SAE is in line, obviously, with the X11 family wherein all of its motherboards support the Intel® Xeon, 7th Generation Core™, Pentium® and Celeron® processors. Although it isn’t a traditional gaming board, it still has the capability to support gaming components such as high-end GPUs, first-rate RAMs, and blazing-fast SSDs without any setbacks. SuperMicro motherboards are commonly att... Read More>>

Don’t Fall Prey On Anything but the HyperX® Predator

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Apr 08, 2017
Highly recognized for providing efficient and powerful memory modules in the tech market, American multinational computer corporation Kingston stays constant and consistent in being such. Its series of DDR4 RAMs has proven to be a top choice among gamers and PC enthusiasts alike, particularly the HyperX® Predator DDR4. And let’s find out why in this particular write-up as subject for review is the HyperX® Predator DDR4 32GB (HX430C15PB3K4/32). Looking distantly and closely... Read More>>

Curved Gaming at Its Best

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 08, 2017
With curved monitors on the rise, ViewSonic makes a stride into the gaming world by creating a gaming monitor that sports ease and maneuverability, with additive functions that make it a massive improvement from the monitors of yesterday. We expect most 4K curved monitors to be huge – so much that they can consume an entire table. This is not the case with the XG3202-C though. At a forward width of 130mm, it consumes as little space as a flat screen monitor. This doesn’t mean that... Read More>>

Dose Unendingly with This Kind of Lozenge

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Mar 27, 2017
Coming out in an equitably boxed subwoofer alongside two mini speakers, the Altec Lansing Lozenge 2.1 quite relives the classic speakers of yesteryears that most of us have witnessed growing up while some of us had next to our desktops. But its audio quality would utterly make a great way to correspond to the needs of modern-day users. With a 2.1 channel output, the Lozenge indeed provides remarkable sounds in any sort of multimedia endeavors that may arise. Also included in the package we... Read More>>

The Speakers That Don’t Deserve to Be Locked in a Shelf

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Mar 16, 2017
Upon unboxing, I instantly perceived the kind of bookshelf speaker that the R2000DB, an entry from audio paramount Edifier, is regarded to be. Appearing in a black matte finish, this speaker system’s design can be equated to that of a high-gloss outlined piano, which exudes elegance and class in an instant. The R2000DB is obviously composed of two speakers. There’s the right speaker that is dubbed the active one, which has the built-in amplifier and different ports on i... Read More>>

The Simple Solid Block of Metal That Will Save Your Time and Effort in Everyday Business and VR Control

By: PCBG Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Mar 16, 2017
I got my hands on a black review subject ― Lenovo™ VIBE K5. When its light isn’t open, it’s almost like a black slab of metal. Yes, until you use it, it’s rather basic. It was obviously made for simplicity: One side for display, the other side for the camera. In fact, I had trouble finding out how to open the thing because I don’t know which way it should open. Still, in my honest opinion that’s actually a good thing and less of a bad thing. Remember: a bu... Read More>>

The Sound of The Race: Gamdias HEBE M1 RGB Surround Sound Gaming Headset

By: Rafael Aquino |  Posted on:  Mar 07, 2017
With gaming peripherals on the rise, it is only natural that gaming headphones should join the gadget race. The Gamdias HEBE M1 RGB Surround Sound Gaming Headset is one of the headsets in the world of peripherals, and it indeed shows proficiency, coupled with finesse in its field. The HEBE M1 has an unorthodox jack. Instead of using the traditional standard audio output port, it uses a USB interface. The cable from the USB interface then connects to the sound controls, and from there, the cab... Read More>>

Accelerate with Great Speed

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Mar 07, 2017
For quality-worth yet affordable SSDs, a favorable choice to go for would be the Plextor brand. Value-wise, it doesn’t demand too much from the pocket. While execution-wise, it provides an impressive performance that greatly factors in the system’s overall performance. And surfacing as an epitome of the abovementioned qualities is Plextor’s recently-released S1 Series SSD. Standing at 7mm, this drive is an ideal fit for both desktops and laptops. With such fact, it can adva... Read More>>

Allowing Full Control: Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB Gaming Keyboard

By: Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Mar 03, 2017
As with all gaming peripherals, a gaming keyboard should show flair and artistry in its function. The Gamdias Hermes P1 RGB Gaming Keyboard is colorful, tough, and of course, trouble-free. From a simple look, it seems rather traditional and with no difference from others, but we will look further for some distinctions. Its buttons are made of plastic, and they have a special font that is sure to charm any gamer. It has colorful lighting – in a word, enchanting. Some buttons also have icon... Read More>>

Store with Fluidity

By: PCBG Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Mar 03, 2017
With offices having ever-greater digital storage requirements, NAS units are a must-have for businesses. The ASUSTOR (ASUS-STORAGE), made both for video surveillance and business at the same time, fills the need for storage. And the ASUSTOR AS3104T just couldn’t be any better. The ASUSTOR AS3104T was built as a NAS with multiple capabilities. It was made to link devices so they can garner greater efficiency. Labeled as a NAS with an “App-Based” concept, it was tailored to wo... Read More>>

Wield the Power of Lightning: DragonWar Thor Gaming Mouse

By: Rafael Aquino |  Posted on:  Feb 24, 2017
Games have sent the PC into greater heights as new peripherals are created, such as keyboards, mice, and sound systems. The DragonWar Thor Professional Gaming Mouse is one of the few best gaming mice out there. From a physical perspective, the DragonWar Thor is impressive despite its relatively simple sleek look for a gaming mouse, layered with a rubber palm touch and illustriously simple plastic buttons. It has 2 programmable buttons whose functions can be bound inside game control settings. I... Read More>>

Fly in the Clouds

By: Rafael Aquino |  Posted on:  Feb 24, 2017
With sound as an integral part of the gaming experience, we need a good gaming headset. And coming out as a viable one is Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Stinger. Complete with a pair of Virtual 7.1 speakers, a microphone, and a standard jack on a simple and streamlined design, it delivers crisp sounds. But despite its treble forte, we still found that using the equalizer could improve its bass. However, unlike most other gaming headsets, the HyperX Cloud Stinger doesn’t have sound contro... Read More>>

Review: Omen by HP

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Jan 18, 2017
The Omen, released late 2016, is the first of a new lineup of laptops. HP gaming laptops have never been so powerful. Bundled with the latest Windows (10) OS, the Omen is the pinnacle of HP gaming technology right now. With Intel Core i7 @ 2.5 GHz as its quad-core processor and armed with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, a gamer would be unstoppable. For visuals, it comes armed with an NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 inside, the display can be set to 4K -- a marvel for a laptop, even for gaming... Read More>>

Intel i7 6700

By: PCBG Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Jan 14, 2017
Intel® is at the forefront of the processor industry, and is known for its central processing units. Intel®’s latest creation, the i7-6700, is at the 6th generation of the Intel® processor roster. The 6th Generation “Skylake” processor lineup has the best statistics of all the known processors of Intel® as of this writing. Being the best Intel® processor to date, it can magnify the performance of Intel®-enhanced hardware, some of which are LAN cards,... Read More>>

Intel® Core™ i7-6800K

By: PCBG Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Jan 14, 2017
Released after the i7-6700, the Intel® Core™ i7-6800 processors provided some differences to consider. Intel® has a motif of “tick-tock” design in its processors – “tick” being the first design, and “tock” being the improvement of it – The “tick” has newer technology than the last, and the “tock” processor is simply an improvement but has the same technology. The i7-6800K falls under “tick.” Fro... Read More>>

AMD Radeon RX 480

By: PCBG Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Jan 14, 2017
The AMD Radeon RX 480, a Polaris 10 AMD graphics card, is one of the newest, best cards that AMD can provide today. The AMD Radeon RX 480 uses the 4th Generation GCN (“Graphics Core Next”) microarchitecture. As a GCN, this keeps it in, at the very least version of the GCN roster, at PCI-E 3.0, which has a maximum of 16 lanes. More lanes also mean that the motherboard can be connected into more separate threads from within the card, should they be compact (hotter) or dispersed (col... Read More>>

AMD FX-9370

By: PCBG Writing Staff |  Posted on:  Jan 14, 2017
With better clock control, 8 Cores, and the AMD Overdrive™ on-board software, the AMD FX-9370 is an extremely powerful processor. As with all AMD processors, this one, codenamed “Vishera”, it uses a Socket that is incompatible with Intel’s (such as the Z97 or 2011) – AMD Sockets and motherboards were made to house AMD’s built-in technology, such as the Wraith Cooler™, PowerTune™, or in this case, the Overdrive™ technology. With temperature... Read More>>

Brace Yourself for the Most Optimum Board Yet

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Jan 05, 2017
For the avid MSI® patrons, it’s already a known fact that all MSI® boards in the Z170 series have been made absolutely fit for overclocking purposes. And with the arrival of its Z270 successor, then nothing less can be expected by hardcore gamers from such than the ultimate gameplay experience. Falling heir to the Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON, the newest Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON stays true to MSI®’s vision of delivering the ultimate performance. And with a formidable sup... Read More>>

Make Way for the 1050 Ti

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Dec 23, 2016
In what could be the most awaited graphics card in terms of price and affordability, NVIDIA® has surely got the ball rolling for its latest entry-level GPU from its GeForce® GTX 10 Series. Now offering the 1050 Ti in the market, NVIDIA® knew that a decent preference to the more commonly adopted first-rate graphics cards would be highly demanded by gamers who are either just starting to create their own gaming rig or simply by those pros who have somewhat established a price cap on ... Read More>>

When the Gaming Gets Tough : MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Dec 23, 2016
When first-rate gaming motherboards are the subject matter, one can easily expect Taiwanese tech giant MSI® to always transpire on top of the list. Its GAMING Series boards have undeniably proven that they are all made to stand the test of time after successfully passing the most stringent tests conducted by MSI®’s own technical team alongside some of the world’s most prominent eSports players. And that’s seemingly how it is for the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON. ... Read More>>

DriverPack Solution Review

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Dec 21, 2016
Should your computer come at a complete halt for no reason whatsoever -- no fans are jammed, no parts are broken, no screw is unlocked -- you might have a driver problem. Drivers are your computer’s way of communicating with the hardware around it. Programs are just software inside the chips and drives, but somehow those programs need to communicate with other hardware, such as graphics cards, peripherals, external ROMs, even other hardware-augmented software. DriverPack Solution is a... Read More>>

MSI® GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING X Graphics Card

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Dec 21, 2016
One of the most topnotch tech as of this writing, the MSI® GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING X is a card to be reckoned with. A good reason being, it has all the qualities to be a video card and has remarkable specs that will dwarf earlier models. When you thought you couldn’t get any better, you find the MSI® GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING X. Equipped with a powerful GPU memory, GPU speed, and budget efficiency, you have nothing but solidified power in your motherboard. Might, it turn... Read More>>

Corsair VS650

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Oct 25, 2016
A basic power supply unit, the Corsair VS650 is nonetheless remarkable. Despite its simple looks and plain power ability, it can stand up to its own PSU peers in terms of capability and compatibility. It looks normal, but given the opportunity, can perform extraordinarily. All in all, the Corsair VS650 is perfect for a computer that needs to function in its basest state, but still be upgraded with a gaming video card should the need arise. Verdict: Read More>>

Cougar Solution AF-2

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Oct 25, 2016
The Cougar Solution AF-2 is made to be as strong as a soldier. Built with a military feel and a green foliage hue, it has an aura of raw strength and solid performance. It shows all of the qualities of robust war-ready power, and its cooling capabilities are outstanding. Obviously an extraordinary computer case, the Cougar Solution AF-2 is powerful and diligent in providing efficient performance to the user. One should expect no less than good performance with this computer case. Verdic... Read More>>

PALIT® GeForce® GTX 1060 Dual

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Oct 14, 2016
PALIT® GeForce® GTX 1060 Dual Video Memory: 3GB VRAM Memory load the video card can give under stress. Higher VRAM allows the video card to carry heavier data in the computer. DirectX Support: DirectX 12 API with feature level 12_1Multimedia software that the GPU supports to help it render graphics, especially in 3D. Some games or programs can only run at updated DirectX versions. Maximum Resolution: 7680 x 4320 @ 60Hz Upper limit to the detail that the GPU ca... Read More>>

GIGABYTE™ GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Oct 14, 2016
GIGABYTE™ GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 Expansion Slots 1x PCI Express x16 slot using PCIEX16, 1x PCI Express x16 using PCIEX8, 1x PCI Express x16 using PCIEX4, 1x PCI Express x1 slot *All using PCI Express 3.0 standard PCI slots for motherboard. More sockets mean better expandability. Processor Support: Intel® Core™ i7 Motherboard supports processor up to Core™ i7 6th Gen. Form Factor: Micro ATX (244 x 244mm) Motherboard size. Smaller form factor means ... Read More>>

CORSAIR® Vengeance LPX 16GB

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Oct 14, 2016
CORSAIR® Vengeance LPX 16GB ( 1 x 16GB) Capacity: 16 GB (1 x 16GB) The memory available in the memory card. More Random Access Memory (RAM) means the chip can take more workload Frequency: 2400 MHz How quickly data travels piece by piece, and thus, in total. Should the frequency be higher, data travels faster in the RAM card. CAS Latency: CL14 Time it takes before data is sent. Lower latency means faster reaction to incoming data, and information is passed at gr... Read More>>

Adata Premier Pro SP900 Solid-State Drive 256GB

By: Staff Writer |  Posted on:  Oct 14, 2016
Adata Premier Pro SP900 Solid-State Drive 256GB Available Drive Capacity: 256GB Total Storage Space. Greater drive capacity means the drive can carry more information Maximum ATTO Sequential Read Speed: 545MB/s Highest level of sequential inward data speed. Higher reading speeds mean faster data going into the computer. Maximum ATTO Sequential Write Speed: 535MB/s Maximum sequential save speed. Higher write speeds mean data can be put inside the device in a shorter t... Read More>>

Transcend® SATA III Gb/s SSD MTS800 512GB

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Jan 30, 2016
A well-known manufacturer of reliable storage devices, Transcend® continues to cater to their patrons’ growing demand for bigger storage devices. Most of us, nowadays, have numerous data on file. Whether pictures, documents, videos, or anything else, it’s necessary for us to back them up. And it’s indeed imperative that we store them in an efficient device that can really take good care of them. And Transcend®’s SATA III Gb/s SSD MTS800 might just be what yo... Read More>>

SanDisk® iXpand™

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Jan 13, 2016
Not falling through in providing top-quality storage devices, SanDisk® is yet again on top of their game as they offer to the market another powerful device that’s meant to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad, PCs, and Mac computers the easiest and fastest way possible. Meet the SanDisk® iXpand™ Flash Drive. With a weight of only 0.03kg and dimensions of 64.17 x 36.78 x 11.8mm, the SanDisk® iXpand™ is truly portable enough to be conveniently carried o... Read More>>

Lenovo Vibe P1m: Dive Into The Vibe

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Jan 11, 2016
Ever since the smartphone industry boomed, Lenovo has already been a well-known tech company for producing topnotch devices. Implicating the same strategy, the Chinese tech giant continues producing new breadth of smartphones that not only possess overly cool features but also the heftiest batteries. And one of these lately launched smartphones is the Vibe P1m. At first glance, it may appear ordinary that you don’t see it different from any Android smartphones in the market. However, th... Read More>>

Transcend SSD370S (1TB)

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Dec 28, 2015
In today’s modern community, storing and saving data can undoubtedly be done in a very convenient manner. With the creation of storage drives, keeping your data in a secure and safe place won’t be problem anymore. And since the demand for this kind of storage space continuously proliferates in the world we currently live in, several manufacturers are vigilantly on the move to constantly provide consumers with an effective drive they deserve. And Transcend is just one of those excel... Read More>>

Canon 5Ds R: Shoot with Awesomeness

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Dec 16, 2015
We all love to explore the great outdoors, don't we? The breeze of fresh air, the soothing smell of leaves, and the unquestionably beautiful scenery always leave us with a soft spot for Mother Nature. However, chances are, even if we do want to travel all the time, we can't because of other commitments and hectic schedules. That's why every time there's an opportunity, we grab in Gearing for the trip, we need something to keep the worth and value of these once-in-a-lifetime events in our life.... Read More>>

Lenovo Yoga 500: Bend your Way to Extreme Workloads

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Dec 16, 2015
Lenovo comes with another sweet treat that will surely take our feet off the ground once again. The Yoga 500 is the newest member in Lenovo's Yoga family and it sets to offer all the coolest things you can think of when using a laptop. The Yoga 500 doesn't want to disappoint consumers with its multimode choices. As we all know, Lenovo's Yoga series has been popular to citizens because of their unique abilities and outstanding features that set them apart from other laptops and ultrabooks avai... Read More>>


By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Dec 04, 2015
Being the chief manufacturer of top-rate gaming motherboards, MSI® has always set the bar high for its competent rivals in bringing in something more innovative to the world of gaming. A great and current example would be the company’s recent offering ― the B150M MORTAR motherboard. And it is indeed my privilege that I was given the chance to review the abovementioned board. As my general notion, I was able to conduct a series of tests on the board and I’m glad to say that it... Read More>>

Transcend ESD400 Portable Solid State Drive: It’s the Drive No One Can Belittle

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Nov 06, 2015
Clearly, the augmentation of solid-state drives production is getting quite an attention, especially to the PC geeks and avid gamers. Then there came the introduction of these portable SSDs in the market that made the public even more susceptible to technology. Transcend, a renowned brand of innovative storage solutions, comes in the fad of these portable SSDs as more and more consumers prefer this kind of storage device nowadays. Opting not to get lost in the track, the ESD400 is the fines... Read More>>

Sapphire R9 390 Nitro

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Nov 03, 2015
For the avid PC gamers who wish to achieve maximum performance, reliability, and stability, there’s only one brand to depend on. SAPPHIRE, a renowned provider of first-rate graphics card, proudly puts forward in the market their SAPPHIRE NITRO series. And we put the spotlight on its latest offering – the R9 390 NITRO. Built on AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, the R9 390 NITRO adapts to a totally creative new approach to the design of a consumer GPU, making it the... Read More>>

DLink Dual Band Wireless AC750 VDSL2+/ADSL2+ Modem Router

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Nov 02, 2015
Nowadays, it can’t be denied that most households need a faster speed and a wider network coverage due to the multiple devices they connect to the Internet on a daily basis. And to fulfill such need is DLink’s DSL-2877AL Dual Band Wireless AC750 VDSL2+/ADSL2+ Modem Router. Boasting a high-speed wired and wireless connectivity, the DSL-2877AL operates on the latest high-speed wireless technology that provides enormous Wi-Fi speeds of up to 750 Mbps1. Given this amount of speed, str... Read More>>

Transcend Body Camera DrivePro™ Body 10

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Oct 26, 2015
In any given situation or day, it’s best to have a buddy around. But a companion can also be in the form of a device, right? Anyhow, it is necessary for selected professionals out there especially police officers and security guards to have an extremely useful tool that will help them perform their duties more efficiently. Transcend Information, Inc. or commonly known as Transcend is a principal in multimedia products and storage peripherals. Offering to the market the DrivePro&trade... Read More>>

Viewsonic Monitor (VA2465S-2)

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Sep 05, 2015
A leader in worldwide visual technology specifically LCD and plasma monitors, ViewSonic introduces the VA2465S-2. This 24-inch widescreen monitor was exceptionally designed with thin bezels and an LED backlight, which is ideal for both the home and office.The new and sleek VA2465S-2 monitor offers a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and boasts a 3000:1 static contrast ratio. The ultra-high static contrast ratio of 3000:1 is three times higher than the typical panels. Hence, this monitor delivers mo... Read More>>

ViewSonic VP2780-4K

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
The world is ready for 4K, it’s evident now that we have more powerful hardware that can run displays on such a stunning resolution. Rightfully so, and clearly this is what ViewSonic had in mind if it released its towering 27-inch 4K monitor that’s built for enthusiasts and professionals that need a high-performing display solution. But eye-candy resolution isn’t the only thing ViewSonic’s offering has to offer. Quite more, actually. This is the ViewSonic VP2780-4K &nda... Read More>>


By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
We've created more ways to interact with our smartphones, and we've implemented so many different technologies to innovate it further. A very clear and perfect example of it are today's mobile devices that have revolutionized our methods in terms of personal computing even while on the move. South Korean tech giant LG puts fun into the mix by cooking up something that you may find very unexpected of the company. Meet the LG AKA – a smartphone that you can very well tag as the first of it... Read More>>

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
Who wasn't in awe if they saw what Samsung was capable of with the Galaxy Note Edge? A curved display on a supercharged phablet? Count as in! Apparently, the South Korean giant isn't taking a break as it decides to capitalize on the Note Edge's success. This time though, Samsung isn't playing around as it means business it released two of its flagship smartphones during the Mobile World Congress held last April of 2015. And what better way to celebrate it than to fully showcase the edged varia... Read More>>

Dell XPS 13 (2015)

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
There’s a reason why laptops come in varying sizes, / shapes, god forbid. Such factors are taken into great consideration before purchasing one for yourself. After all, it may be equipped with powerhouse internals, but can you lug it easily inside your backpack? That’s what Dell wanted to achieve with its latest XPS 13 - a 13-inch ultrabook with the body of a 13-incher, and Dell has achieved it beautifully.Specifications are, more often than not, the first things that people look i... Read More>>

Giada i200

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
Giada's portfolio's has always been directed at the enterprise. Featuring small form factors while packing quite a powerful punch, the company's offerings have always been the top choice if it comes to business solutions. The Taiwan-based manufacturer's latest entry, the i200, is a testament to their reputation as it capitalizes on the success of its predecessors. Big on power, small on footprint. That's what the i200 is all about.The Giada i200 comes in a very simplistic packaging. It's in a ... Read More>>

Asus ROG GR6

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
Greatness is inspiration, and to say the least about the eighth generation of console gaming holds true. This is where Asus draws the idea of conquering the living room – a PC that's disguising itself as a gaming console. If you're familiar with its older brother, the GR8, it's pretty much the same upfront. What you're getting here though is an upgrade on the internals for maximum gaming pleasure for hours on end, in the living room no less!Since design is one of its key features and mai... Read More>>

Sony Alpha A5000

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 04, 2015
In a world where photography is highly treasured, the name Sony is not to be forgotten. The brand has been a celebrated household name for a number of decades. LCDs, TVs, laptops, gaming devices, smartphones, cameras, and more. Name it, Sony’s got it all! And since photography has evolved through the years, Sony has been creating cameras that further enhance the quality of photos, making every image absolutely picture-perfect! With interchangeable lens, the A5000 was meant to replace t... Read More>>

ViewSonic VX2363S – Beauty Inside Out

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 03, 2015
There are users that require high-performance monitors to cater to their visual needs. Be it for gaming, entertainment, / multimedia applications, getting the best visual solution would greatly add up to the experience. However, more often than not, manufacturers place their topnotch monitors in the high-end spectrum, and of course, the price would easily be stratospheric. This is where the ViewSonic VX2363S comes in. It’s one of the latest monitors from the company that boasts ... Read More>>

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 03, 2015
Most people become the busybodies they hunt for a well-rounded, supercharged smartphone in the high-end segment. Okay, #brands from other parts of the world may seem to offer the best products and services, but the prices come in proportion as well. #Brands, we tell you. But hey, local tech behemoth Cherry Mobile has been ramping up over the years as their offerings get better and better. And if you’re hell bent on looking for a beast of a smartphone, yet you’re cringing on the tho... Read More>>

LG G Flex 2

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 03, 2015
With the hard-hitting LG G3 successfully going toe to toe with the likes of beasts like the Samsung Galaxy Note IV, the HTC One (M8), and the iPhone 6 Plus, the South Korean tech company is seeking to capitalize and unleashes another crowd pleaser in the form of the LG Flex 2. Its predecessor, the LG G Flex, was ahead of its time – a sexy, curved flexible screen along with innovative self-healing at the rear to devoid yourself a purpose in getting a back. With the new LG G Flex 2 ... Read More>>

Lumia 535

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
Nokia is no more, and the Lumia 535 heads to Microsoft’s domain as it carries its new brand name. This isn’t a revolution. Well, not yet. Microsoft is sticking with the ‘tried and true’. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. With that said, the Lumia 535 marks the first Windows Phone 8.1 powered smartphone, but it’s not yet a big leap forward. It’s a budget smartphone through and through, but its latest wave of upgrades and overhauls can ... Read More>>

Alienware Alpha

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
The word alpha is usually the beginning, the start of a phase of something. And oftentimes, people mean business if they use its greek symbol after their product name. But that really isn’t the with the first Steam Machine that hit the shelves as of late. While it can be argued that it has the DNA of a powerhouse PC, there may be a couple of hurdles you first have to face. It’s smaller than a full-blown gaming PC but bigger than an NUC. The Alienware Alpha is a box designed to act... Read More>>

Nexus 9

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
If you’re out shopping for a tablet, the first choice was always the iPad. That has always been the over the years. But with the burgeoning Android devices featuring raw, overwhelming power presented at a beautiful price point, the competition is drawing its attention away from Cupertino’s prized gem. Remember how Google’s Nexus 7 disrupted the tablet market? Well it looks like the search engine giant is at it once again, with a little help from the HTC folks. It’s bee... Read More>>

ViewSonic 2858Sml

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
Monitors are becoming cheaper by the moment that they’re practically a dime a dozen, so to speak. But it’s not only the factor of the price that determines the value of a good display solution. Of course, there’s the quality of image, sharpness, contrast, resolution, and so forth. There’s also the amount of power it consumes that you have to take in consideration. If you want to churn out less on your electric bill, manufacturers have their own ways of doing that. View... Read More>>

BlackBerry Passport

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
Unconventional, if not radical, is the word for BlackBerry’s latest offering, the Passport. And apparently, shifting the paradigm as a strategy to woo its customers loyal and converted once again has finally bore fruit. But is it enough to regain the lion’s share of the market that Waterloo once held? The Passport has the dimensions of an actual passport. The screen, sized at 4.5 inches with 1440 x 1440 resolution, sits in the middle while the longstanding legacy of BlackBe... Read More>>

LG Tone Infinim

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
LG’s name isn’t really that far up in the headphones business. Well, that was the until the line of Tone Bluetooth headphones made it so. Especially for sports aficionados, having a neat, nifty Bluetooth headset is a welcomed treat. We’re one for portability, and even more so for accessibility. So if you want to bring your tunes to your hikes, well, look no further. LG’s offerings of Bluetooth goodness will be your cup of tea. The company’s latest Tone headset, ... Read More>>

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
With Lenovo expanding their reaches all throughout the globe, we’re practically seeing their line of smartphones everywhere. Even the premium handsets that once were too damn difficult to find outside its homeland have made rounds in the local scene as well. It’s no surprise, the largest PC maker is on a roll these days. And as Lenovo aims high in the PC Plus era, the company means serious business. There’s nothing more fitting than the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro if you need somethi... Read More>>

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
If you think about it, it’s really high time for Samsung to ditch that tacky plastic and go with something premium.. like metal. at least every once in a while, the Galaxy lineup should receive a nice treatment to freshen it up. In that context, the South Korean tech giant might have found the answer that goes by the name of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. For starters, the radical change that Samsung went with the Galaxy Alpha is the real metal frame instead of some tacky chrome accents on p... Read More>>

Bring Your TV Everywhere With MyGica WiTV

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
From the brand that is renowned for making world-class TV products, MyGica seeks to deliver another product that will provide you with the ultimate TV experience whether you’re always on the go just want to stay at home. With the WiTV, you can now endlessly watch your favorite TV programs, anywhere you go, anytime you want. Getting Started with the WiTV The WiTV is a small, black TV tuner that receives live, high-quality TV programs. It comes with its own antenna and a USB cable for... Read More>>

MyGica Pad TV

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
Watching your favorite shows on an Android tablet and phone is fun. But what if you get to do such a thing without an internet connection? then viewing becomes certainly relaxing. The device is very handy as it appears. It’s also uncomplicated as there’s no need for you to connect it to so many cables in order to run and there are also no data charges incurred. A Chinese brand that specializes in Android TVs, TV tuner sticks, HD media players, and portable TVs, MyGica offers the ... Read More>>

Lenovo A7000 – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

By: |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
Chinese multinational tech giant Lenovo has gone to great lengths to expand their portfolio of mobile devices in addition to its strong PC offerings, earning them the position as the number one company in the PC Plus spectrum. What we want to highlight here now is the company’s latest offering here in the country in partnership with e-commerce giant Lazada - the Lenovo A7000. Specifications:●5.5-inch HD IPS Display●Android 5.0 Lollipop●MediaTek MT6572m, Octa-core 1.5GHz Cortex-A53... Read More>>

Sony Playstation 4

By: Christine Joy Calsis |  Posted on:  Sep 02, 2015
How often do you get a chance in your life where you got to make something that is very out of your league? If you’re gonna ask me, my answer would be once every blue moon and I think I was too busy last night that I didn’t get the chance to look up at the sky to see that it was a blue moon because at this very moment, I’m going to review a game console.Let’s, approximately, estimate that one-fourth of the female faction doesn’t like playing video games, ma... Read More>>

OnePlus One

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 24, 2015
Flagship smartphones are equipped with top-of-the-line hardware along with a few nifty features from their own manufacturers. However, while they do sport different price tags, they don’t differ by a mile. OnePlus One, however, trolls the competition by being in the same league sans the skyrocketing price tag. ‘Never Settle’ is OnePlus’ motto. But what does it really mean to not settle? Well, for one, there will always come a point where we’re no longer sati... Read More>>

MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 22, 2015
So, our favorite devs are packing ridiculous amounts of power into more mobile devices. There’s those supercharged smartphones and overly powered gaming tablets that scream of pure awesomeness. The possibility is just endless with everything today! So, how about a little #PCMasterRace this time around for pure gaming entertainment? Well, sort of. Meet the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro– a gaming notebook set to offer unparalleled processing performance and unmatched gaming ex... Read More>>

Plextor M6e Black Edition (512GB)

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 21, 2015
Plextor goes for the kill as they step up their game with the black edition of their M6e SSD. The original M6e, while boasting blazingly fast speeds, wasn’t really the thing to showcase – it being a plain green PCB sporting somewhat dated light indicators for drive activity. Fast forward to the future and Plextor redefines the M6e’s design and looks to deliver in both performance and style. The Plextor M6e Black Edition is presented by a box themed black and... Read More>>


By: |  Posted on:  Apr 20, 2015
We’ve been seeing huge smartphones from the likes of Samsung, HTC, and other big Android players out there in the market. Apparently, screen size is a big factor when it comes to choosing a phone nowadays. More proof to that, rumors suggest that we’re about to see the iPhone jump into the bandwagon to play catch up with the competition. Now making quite a splash these days is LG’s take on what a smartphone should be. Meet the LG G3 – an all-powerful smartphone that&rs... Read More>>

Asus Chromebook

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 18, 2015
Play hard, and study harder. But how can you drown yourself in the sea of information for the conquest of knowledge if you’re using the wrong weapon of choice? While you aim to feed your mind with Wikipedia articles and some neat Science and Technology resources, the gamer in you wishes to click on that Battlefield 4 Icon. What do you do? Do you give in? Or do you resist? While that might seem complex for the avid gamer, it really isn’t if you have the right tool. That’s whe... Read More>>

ViewSonic PJD5253 – In a Class of its Own

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 16, 2015
A projector is very much an essential in the office. It's mainly used for reporting data analytics, statistics, or presentation of current events and other affairs if you would so prefer. But projectors aren't strictly made for the workplace. Home consumers also prefer using projectors over televisions for watching movies, and other businesses also find it useful when it comes to enticing would-be customers through advertisements and such. ViewSonic, a leading manufacturer in visual technology r... Read More>>

ASRock Q2900-ITX

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 17, 2015
ASRock has been steadily keeping up its momentum in offering high-grade motherboards with very competitive price tags, making them one of the best choices when going for a budget-oriented, yet feature packed gaming rig. But that’s not all the company has to offer. We take a look at the ASRock Q2900-ITX – a motherboard featuring an Intel Quad-Core Pentium Processor, a fanless design and some neat, solid features. The first thing you’re probably going to notice with ASRock Q29... Read More>>

Sennheiser Urbanite XL

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 17, 2015
Sennheiser may be aiming to pull off a Beats with the launch of the Urbanite headphones. There are two of them actually, and both are capable of producing sweet, rich, bass thumping sounds and a handsome design fit for the millennial demographic, or so how they would like to put it. They’re definitely aiming to pull off a Beats with these pair of babies. And what we’re looking at here today is the larger variant, the Urbanite XL. Step inside and see how it fares from our standpoint... Read More>>

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 16, 2015
Tablets – we consider them as the overlords of mobile devices, combining extreme portability, powerhouse specifications, and bigger screen real estates, thus making them the boon for interactive entertainment and media consumption. With Lenovo setting the standards of what it is to be in the PC Plus era, the once niche market has now come into a main attraction. With the company’s Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, things are surely heating up. To begin with, Lenovo is going premium as th... Read More>>

AMD Radeon R7 SSD (240GB)

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 14, 2015
We've known AMD primarily in the CPU and GPU market, and it comes as a surprise for most people for the company to slap its Radeon name on a high performance SSD. The chip giant does this by partnering with a company named OCZ, a wholly-owned company by Toshiba, and in doing so, they release an SSD that's priced rather competitively so that the masses can experience that beautiful read and write performance without worrying too much about budget constraints and all. And hey, when you're... Read More>>

HP Stream 11 – Strong Currents

By: Jan David Periane |  Posted on:  Mar 03, 2015
Think about this – have you ever tried multitasking on your iPad or your Android tablet? Have you ever attempted to work on documents or spreadsheets with them? Or did you ever manage to touch an image on Photoshop using a mobile device? At worse, you may have even did that on a 4-5-inch smartphone. Oh, how did it go? Here’s betting that it’s just damn difficult, if not impossible. But then you ask, where will you accomplish these things? A full-blown Windows laptop, bulk... Read More>>


By: Jan David Periane |  Posted on:  Mar 03, 2015
ECS is going to great lengths in updating the world's smallest Windows-based mini-PC kit as they use its untapped potential to bring more into the table. If you loved the first LIVA, then it's no question that you're keeping an eye for its would be successor that would probably be expected to take productivity and efficiency to the next level. Rightfully so. As the Taiwanese company recently unveils the LIVA X, the world's smallest Windows-based mini PC kit just got better. Read on and find ou... Read More>>

Plextor M6e Black Edition (512GB) – Breaking the Limit

By: |  Posted on:  Feb 27, 2015
Plextor goes for the kill as they step up their game with the black edition of their M6e SSD. The original M6e, while boasting blazingly fast speeds, wasn’t really the thing to showcase – it being a plain green PCB sporting somewhat dated light indicators for drive activity. Fast forward to the future and Plextor redefines the M6e’s design and looks to deliver in both performance and style. Unboxing, Packaging The Plextor M6e Black Edition is presented by a box theme... Read More>>

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review – Up Above the Clouds

By: Jan Perianes |  Posted on:  Jan 28, 2015
How do you follow up to something so successful, so well-received? Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Headset was the boon of price to performance ratio- delivering on superior sound quality, superb comfort, and excellent build quality, all packed in a classy packaging along with a very appealing price-tag. So how would Kingston make the next step stand out? The HyperX Cloud II builds around the strong foundation Kingston established with the first HyperX Cloud but takes it further by employin... Read More>>

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition

By: Jan David SD Perianes |  Posted on:  Jan 06, 2015
Windows 8.1 came in with a couple of preloaded tools that administrate easy disk management tasks. Disk Management Tool and Diskpart.exe are some examples that users can take advantage of to properly manage their hard drives. Useful and intuitive as they are, some users would still prefer going with a more feature-rich software application that gives them plenty of options in managing their hard drives. But then again, most offerings out in the market prove to be expensive, and presented wi... Read More>>

ViewSonic TD2340

By: Jan David Perianes |  Posted on:  May 09, 2014
ViewSonic brings in the big guns and totes a whopping 23-inch of bulk, rock-solid touchscreen monitor that serves up a wonderful treat for your visual senses. And with Windows 8 gearing towards that fully-functional, well-rounded usability everyone's on the hunt for, ViewSonic's TD2340 optimizes one heck of an awesome experience right at your stations. But how does it really fare? Read on and find out. Microsoft's Windows 8 is somewhat a difficult fish to fry for display manufacturers. The... Read More>>

Dlink Cloud Camera 1150 - DSC-933L

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 12, 2014
Keep an Eye on What Matters Most, / what DLink has in mind about what you can do with one of their surveillance systems, the Cloud Camera 1150. While it's true that there are other high-flying cameras that have the same feature, their prices go beyond the cloud as well. Thankfully, Dlink beckons the call and retaliates with the DCS-933L. Don't judge the DCS-933L by its surprisingly low price-tag, though. At an SRP of around P 4, 000.00, you get a cloud camera that you can access anywhere you ar... Read More>>

Lenovo S660

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 10, 2014
We've met a couple of Lenovo products down the line - high-powered laptops boasting stellar specs-sheet at an appealing price-point, over-the-top gaming desktops, supercharged tablets, and kickass smartphones for those who do. The list just goes on, really. But today, the limelight shines upon another mid-ranged entry in the smartphone spectrum, the S660. DecentPrice,DecentSpecs For those who fancy big displays and butter-smooth performance but are unwilling to dish out the big bucks, then the... Read More>>

ViewSonic VX2452mh: Affordable All-Around Monitor

By: |  Posted on:  Apr 10, 2014
The CRT monitors are a thing of the past. Today, there are lots of high-end monitors being released worldwide. ViewSonic - a globally well-known provider of quality monitors - is one of the brands that have evolved along with technology. The company now offers a number of displays ranging from LCD to 4K. One of the monitors that ViewSonic is proud of is the VX2452mh. What are the pros and cons of this monitor? Read on to find out. The package consists of the display, user guide, installation... Read More>>

OZAKI O!Care Plug & Play Wireless Smart IP Camera

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 28, 2014
Smart Access For Places Beyond Your Reach There's no such thing as too much it comes to safety and security. Hence, people install several surveillance cameras at every corner of their household in order to get added protection from intruders and other hazards that may occur. As an answer to this, Ozaki brings forth the O!Care Plug & Play Wireless Smart IP Camera to bring you on-the-fly videos at the palm of your hands. But as the present time is flourishing with CCTVs and other warning devic... Read More>>

Lenovo A680

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 28, 2014
The fast-growing smartphone vendor and world's number one PC maker Lenovo has introduced it's A series last year. The series is especially designed for those who want to upgrade from feature phone to smartphone. One of the phones included in this lineup is the A680 - a great choice for the young Filipino mobile users who are looking for an affordable phone with decent features and quality processor. The unit that we reviewed comes with a USB cord and charger but if you purchase it, the packa... Read More>>

D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router

By: |  Posted on:  Mar 28, 2014
A typical household nowadays simultaneously connects more devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It's important for each of these devices to get equally decent speed. As a response to this, D-Link introduces the DIR-868L that promises faster and more stable wireless speeds, increased home coverage (reaching all corners of your home), lag-free gaming, smooth HD video streaming and faster file transfer. Will this router live up to its promise? Read on to find out. We unbox... Read More>>

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27-Inch All-in-One Table PC

By: |  Posted on:  Feb 15, 2014
In the era where every family member is busy listening to music through a player, browsing the net through laptop, playing games through game consoles, taking selfie pictures through a smartphone / watching HD movies through a 10-inch tablet, why wouldn't a company manufacture a device that will entertain all family members at once? Lenovo - a company that creates innovative technologies answered this question by bringing back the new and improved all-in-one PC called the IdeaCentre Horizon 27... Read More>>

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (7-inch)

By: |  Posted on:  Jan 25, 2014
The original Kindle Fire tablet started the eReader craze but aside from the trend that quickly became outdated, will Amazon's latest offering - the Kindle Fire HDX (7-inch) - bring something new to help the company keep up with the competition?Aside from the free shipping, here's why Amazon's newest Android tablet is one good reason to become an Amazon Prime member: Physically, the Kindle HDX boasts bezel thinner than what its predecessor has - with only .35-inch depth. It has shiny black p... Read More>>

Canon Pixma MG7170

By: |  Posted on:  Jan 25, 2014
One of the best ways to make the digitally captured memories last longer is to print them out and store in a photo album. Some people, most especially the professional photographers are meticulous about the quality of the printed photos, which they took in the best of their skills. Sure, they would love to see the hard copy of their photos as beautiful as what they see in the monitor. Without spending too much / turning to a professional to print photographs, there's a more practical and more ... Read More>>

Canon PowerShot SX170 IS

By: |  Posted on:  Jan 25, 2014
Canon brings another good choice for budget-conscious buyers who want to do more with a point-and-shoot camera - the PowerShot SX170 IS. This camera that was released only a year after the SX160 is packed with semi-manual and manual shooting modes and controls. One major improvement that Canon did to this little beast is that, unlike its predecessor, the SX170 IS doesn't use AA-size batteries. What's more, it promises to cater both the enthusiasts and the professionals. Physically, th... Read More>>

Cherry Mobile Flare 2.0

By: |  Posted on:  Jan 25, 2014
Cherry Mobile recently launched the follow up to the Flare (which is the most popular, powerful and most affordable handset that has changed the game in the Philippine mobile market) - the Flare 2.0. It was a part of the second wave of smartphones that the local brand released this year. It was dubbed as "Quad-Core ng Bayan". The Flare 2.0 gives you Android Jelly Bean, longer battery life and dual LED flash. It has the same price tag as its predecessor but it has upgrades that will surely sati... Read More>>
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