A Sharp Take on Apacer’s Blade Fire

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino


apacer blade fire box

When it comes to world-class gaming memory modules, you can almost always guarantee that Apacer is your go-to brand of DDR4s. The Taiwanese company, which is heavily inclined and passionately driven on crafting memory modules has unleashed the Blade Fire DDR4.

apacer blade fire memory

The strikingly-designed gaming memory comes off beautifully with its sturdily premium look and glossy polish. An eye-catching feature of the memory is the tusk-looking logo on its body which seemingly entices me to try this beauty. Although I like the aggressive aura and jagged design of the Panther Rage model, I greatly prefer Blade Fire’s less heavy finish for it shows and implies business. It also seems like I don’t even want to put it in the motherboard due to its delightful feel on my hands. Plus, the fiery LED that instantaneously illuminates all over the Blade Fire when plugged is almost difficult not to stare at it.

Apacer’s Blade Fire can only operate in one clocking rate, which is 3200MHz that is accompanied by a 16-18-18-38 latency along with a 1.35V.

Of course, with due diligence, every gaming component must be thoroughly tested in real-time and through our trusty PassMark Performance Evaluation software, this is what we’ve got:

apacer blade fire performance test

It’s unsurprising considering that the Blade Fire has garnered a Memory Mark of 3020 which is slightly higher compared to that of the Panther Rage’s. The Blade Fire simply proves that it’s a very serious contender in the gaming RAM market of today.

apacer blade fire performance test

In real-time, the Blade Fire was able to pull off a remarkably smooth performance when it came to navigating quickly from one application to another while the LED lights were glowing simultaneously. The gaming memory module did not show signs of heating, thanks to its amazing heat spreader. And of course, there wasn’t a single shenanigan in terms of gaming.

5 stars rate
Verdict: 5/5
Overall, the Blade Fire does a very excellent job in delivering latency and speed enhancement for heavy multi-tasking and in-demand gaming needs. To be able to craft this kind of memory in relatively low price, the Blade Fire absolutely deserves a 5/5 rating. It’s still going to be a bang for the buck even after a few years pass by.

Apacer, to the eyes of the West, hasn’t been deemed as a potential threat to other gaming memory brands but it has made a lot of noise in the opposite side of the world, as it emboldens itself by summoning high-end memory modules relative to its assigned prices. The Taiwanese company once again victors in the gaming memory landscape. The Blade Fire is too good to be ignored, and it is definitely a must-have for gamers who are currently searching for a budget DDR4 kit.

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