Accelerate with Great Speed

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores


Accelerate with Great Speed

For quality-worth yet affordable SSDs, a favorable choice to go for would be the Plextor brand. Value-wise, it doesn’t demand too much from the pocket. While execution-wise, it provides an impressive performance that greatly factors in the system’s overall performance.

And surfacing as an epitome of the abovementioned qualities is Plextor’s recently-released S1 Series SSD. Standing at 7mm, this drive is an ideal fit for both desktops and laptops. With such fact, it can advantageously cater to all types of users, particularly those who are eyeing on some upgrades. Considering the advancement that some desktops and notebooks demand and most users wish, this SSD has flexible configuration options. It may be obtained in 128GB and 256GB capacities, as well as 2.5" (S1C) and M.2 2280 (S1G) interfaces.

For review purposes, we tested the Plextor S1 256GB 2.5” variant on two benchmarking software (read further below for the results and valuations).

Strengthened by Toshiba’s first-rate Toggle Mode MLC NAND flash memory and SMI’s first-class SM2246 controller, the S1 can only ascertain that it can last long knowing that it’s equipped with formidable components. Not only is the S1’s hardware protected, but its outer elements too. With heat-resistant, shock and vibration proof elements, this SSD is greatly capable of overpowering high-operating temperatures, as well as strong shock and vibration movements.

Seemingly enough, the excellent performance data exhibited by the S1 can be greatly credited to the integration of Plextor's exclusive firmware technology and first-rate components. With all these combined, the S1 delivers up to high speeds of 510/440 MB/s in sequential read/write and 74K/79K IOPS in random read/write, respectively.

The figures and graphs below show how the S1 fared in the configurations that we conducted.

Accelerate with Great Speed

Fig. 1 Plextor claims that their S1 SSD can reach up to 510/440 MB/s of sequential read/write speeds. And the graph just shows that based on the AS SSD Benchmark, the S1 achieved more than what it’s capable of.

Accelerate with Great Speed

Fig. 2 We also tested the Plextor S1 employing the CrystalDsikMark, and again, it didn’t fail in proving that it can go beyond its account of reaching up to 510/440 MB/s of sequential read/write speeds.

In terms of heightening the S1’s hardware performance to its utmost potential, Plextor made sure to equip the drive with a SATA interface, a platform that can significantly speed up the load time of all applications, boost productivity, enhance power efficiency, and improve the system’s overall responsiveness. Attesting to S1’s provision of a stable performance, users can merely enjoy a fast boot-up time, as well as a seamless loading of enormous programs. Impressively, the S1 will boot-up in seconds as accessing any multimedia files can be done instantaneously. So whether it’s a movie, video, photo, or game, or music, users can surely get into it in no time for everything is guaranteed to work faster and smoother with the S1.

In terms of efficiency, the S1 produces lesser power than hard drives, thus allowing for a longer battery life. Without any moving components, the S1 has the potential to operate quietly, which accordingly results to the elimination of distractive noise.



The Plextor S1 boasts swift response times that allow for instantaneous access on basically everything the users mostly employ the PC for. With this, they become more productive and are spared from slow computing paces. As for the configurations that we ran on the drive, the S1 was pretty much impressive. So for a highly affordable SSD that delivers superb amounts of speed, the Plextor S1 surely doesn’t deserve to be forsaken in any way.

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