Curved Gaming at Its Best



Curved Gaming at Its Best

With curved monitors on the rise, ViewSonic makes a stride into the gaming world by creating a gaming monitor that sports ease and maneuverability, with additive functions that make it a massive improvement from the monitors of yesterday.

We expect most 4K curved monitors to be huge – so much that they can consume an entire table. This is not the case with the XG3202-C though. At a forward width of 130mm, it consumes as little space as a flat screen monitor. This doesn’t mean that the monitor is not curved enough, no; the monitor’s base is thin enough to eat up very little space, and yet be stable enough to hold up a monitor of its curvature.

Curved Gaming at Its Best

Maneuverability is good, and so are its controls. While earlier monitor models (especially flat screens) require more than one button, the XG3202-C forgoes this requirement, and instead opts for a single button that can be swiveled around to create a control stick for sideways and up-and-down movements. This accordingly makes for amazing output versatility, as well as for great ease of usability.

The XG3202-C has speakers with audio output jacks. (The speakers go from the back to the sides, albeit invisible from the front.) This allows multiple ways in giving sounds. The HDMI 2.0 socket allows for audio without lagging behind from the visuals, paving the way for a richer and more immersive gaming experience. The idea of making the speakers go sideways while making them unseen by the user adds to this immersion, making it a great addition not only to a computer rig, but also to a console TV as this can further heighten the gaming and entertainment experience.

At 144Hz refresh rate, lag is no problem – the typical monitor only has 60Hz. For gaming action, it has AMD FreeSync™ technology – AMD FreeSync™ reduces lag, and visual lag can be a problem when gaming is on the line. This AMD add-on also improves stutter management. Adding to this is the Game Mode Settings color management system, a function which allows the user to change the physical quality of the display without directly changing the computer software involved. Overall, playing games on this monitor would be kind to your eyes.

The game we played, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, can be a terrible eye-strain because of the stark colors. Nonetheless, the Game Mode Settings color management application in the monitor proved useful in making visuals easier and more immersive. Real-time strategy (RTS) games like Company of Heroes were also more eye-catching with the monitor’s own RTS Mode.



The ViewSonic XG3202-C is very maneuverable, and does not trade off its outstanding output for any form of ease. Its impressive abilities to diminish lag and provide a specialized color-correction make the monitor truly worthy in its respective field.

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