GALAX’s Friendly Introduction into the SSD World

By: Alvin Carlo L. Buencamino


The highly formidable manufacturer of several OEM gaming graphics cards has decided to make themselves known in the SSD world by serving the GAMER SSD L series on the platter. GALAX, who released the GAMER SSD L 120GB two years ago, has upsized the SSD to 240GB to make it a lot more competitive in the SSD market.

The GAMER SSD L 240GB, much like the 120GB version, seems a bit too old-fashioned for my taste. This solid-state drive is just a plain black device with a GAMER logo on the front that has a “thin crust” feel on it even with the plastic aluminum finish. Surprisingly, GALAX focused on designing it compactly instead of creating such cheeky features. Overall, the GALAX GAMER SSD L 240GB is plain and bold with no intention to establish some gimmicky points.

Speaking of points, there are other focal aspects that the GAMER SSD L 240GB that should be seriously looked at. Here they are, as per GALAX:
• Advanced Quad Core PS3110-S10
• Large file transfer up to 400% faster
• Lightning fast random read speed
• Pure silent operation with zero decibel noise output
• MTBF rating of 1 million hours with 1500G shock resistance
• Safe from the upshots of magnetism
• Award-winning energy efficiency
• Enterprise-standard high temperature burn-in process
• Support for TRIM, SMART

We tested the GALAX GAMER SSD L 240GB using the CrystalDiskMark in a series of 5 sequential reads and writes, and this is what we’ve got:

Verdict: 4/5
By the looks of things, the GALAX GAMER SSD L 240GB has an above average speed of sequential read and write for a solid-state drive. Surely, this SSD has proven its stated features above but this isn’t your target if you’re looking for a crazy fast, high-end storage product for your gaming rig. Looking from atop, I do not complain how it performed in real-time, as it delivered a decent performance of transferring files back and forth. It’s just that the 240GB isn’t enough if you want to stagger the big guys in the SSD market. In all honesty, I still consider the GALAX GAMER SSD L 240GB as a good option if you’re not the kind of gamer who forcefully fits giraffes inside your storage.

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