Handling Files from Mobile Devices with Transcend



Managing one’s files is very common today. Devices like phones, tablets, music players, cameras and laptops can store a lot of files. As more electronic consumer products are sold constantly, the demand for more efficient ways of transferring files between devices also increases. When it comes to storing data and handling multimedia files, Taiwanese brand Transcend is one of the leading choices. Consumers who need to manage the files from their computers and devices will find Transcend products useful.

Looking forward to innovation, Transcend offers the RDC8K USB 3.1 Card Reader, a nifty tool that’s great for transferring files between devices and computers. The Transcend RDC8K USB 3.1 Card Reader is basically designed to accommodate every memory card such as CompactFlash (UDMA7), SD (UHS-I), microSD (UHS-I), and Memory Stick (MSXC). Users can still connect devices with USB 2.0 on the card readers with its USB 3.1 Gen 1 / USB 3.0 connection interface.

The sleek, jet-black card reader measures at 67.6 45 15.2mm and weighs 32g. Anyone can carry this card reader anywhere they go since it perfectly fits in the palm of everybody’s hand. Other than its convenient size and simple appearance, the Transcend RDC8K USB 3.1 Card Reader comes with the RecoveRx software, which is capable of recovering any deleted data and file fragments from devices.

We conducted the performance test on Transcend RDC8K USB 3.1 Card Reader via CrystalDiskMark. After the configuration, we got 94.59 MB/s for its read speed and 52.01 MB/s for its write speed. The test also yielded 4K rate from the card reader, which is pretty fast for file transferring.

The next test was done on ATTO Disk Benchmark

Verdict: 5/5

The Transcend RDC8K USB 3.1 Card Reader is very convenient to employ in the transferring of files. It’s fast and compatible with any other memory cards. This is very useful for creating backup files. Users will also find it convenient to transfer files whenever and wherever the need arises.

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