SanDisk® iXpand™

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores


SanDisk iXpand

Not falling through in providing top-quality storage devices, SanDisk® is yet again on top of their game as they offer to the market another powerful device that’s meant to transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad, PCs, and Mac computers the easiest and fastest way possible. Meet the SanDisk® iXpand™ Flash Drive.

With a weight of only 0.03kg and dimensions of 64.17 x 36.78 x 11.8mm, the SanDisk® iXpand™ is truly portable enough to be conveniently carried or placed into the pocket. It can also be easily connected to the iPhone even if the phone is inside the case. Seemingly, there’s no need to remove the case just for you to be able to make the iXpand™ work with the iPhone.

SanDisk� iXpand™

Much to the highlight of this storage device, the iXpand™ features the iXpand™ Sync app, which is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Once the iXpand™ is connected to the iDevice, an alert will pop out, advising users to install the Sync app if it has not yet been installed. But if the app has already been set up, users will be commanded to open it. Once connected to the device, the iXpand™ automatically backs up photos and videos from the camera roll to the drive. The Sync app allows users to securely and seamlessly transfer their photos, videos, and files so they can quickly free up the memory on their device. After the sync has been completed, users have the option to delete all the photos from their device so they can free up more space on their iPhone/iPad. With the app itself, users will be well-informed regarding the amount of space left on both their iXpand™ and iPhone/iPad devices. The iXpand™ also comes in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Given that, saving various files and records will all transpire without a hitch.

And since the SanDisk® iXpand™ Flash Drive is made exclusively for Apple devices, I believe that both the iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6s Plus will perfectly work fine with it. If you take into consideration the matter of portability, thèn the iPad mini 4’s sleek and handy design makes it convenient to be brought along with the iXpand™. It’s also equipped with an A8 chip that promises to deliver a 30% percent faster CPU performance anytime, anywhere. It would also be great to pair the SanDisk® iXpand™ up with the latest device from the iPhone series. Being the hottest smart device in town, the iPhone 6s Plus takes full advantage of both its hardware and software. With the capability to store so many large files and numerous photos, transferring them to the iXpand™ won’t be a problem at all.


5 stars

The SanDisk® iXpand™ Flash Drive offers something more than its tiny size. Without the need to utilize the cloud, the iXpand can be heavily relied on by iPhone and iPad users who need the extra storage. It’s a great way to back up photos and videos even with the absence of the laptop. Conveniently handy, easily slip it into your bag or pocket and you’re good to go. Effortlessly store and save your files even while you’re on the move.

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