Store Important Projects and Be on the Go with Transcend

By: Frank Emmanuel B. Trazo


transcend Storejet 25MC

Transcend® is a Taiwanese brand that’s well-recognized in the market for manufacturing devices dedicated to data storage and other multimedia purposes. Students who often encode their school projects would opt for a reliable portable storage. Fortunately, there’s the StoreJet® 25MC 1TB Hard Drive that lets them store their hard-earned works. We are going to inspect what makes this portable storage ideal for all students for this school year.

transcend Storejet 25MC

Upon unboxing the portable hard drive, I couldn’t help but notice its nice, rubberized case with a green strip at the edge. The rubberized case has a great grip, which prevents common accidents like unintentional dropping. Other than the comfortable grip and sleek design, the rubberized case also has anti-shock features. This is useful for students who would need the portable hard drive while on-the-go. Thanks to its military-grade shock resistance feature and a 3-stage shock protection system, files stored on the StoreJet® 25MC are secured from external damages.

transcend Storejet 25MC package

Measuring at 129.5 x 82.4 x 20.4mm and weighing at 216g, the StoreJet® 25MC is perfectly fit for PC and Mac systems. This portable hard drive operates at 5V and runs at 5°C to 55°C. It also comes with a reversible USB Type-C cable so that users can connect it to next-generation devices with Type-C ports. Its connection interface is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Reconnecting the portable hard drive from your devices is activated via its Quick Reconnect Button.

transcend Storejet 25MC

As for evaluating the drive’s performance, we tested this portable hard drive via CrystalDiskMark. We got a 117.9 MB/s for its read speed and a 117.6 MB/s for its write speed. We also got 4K speeds for the results. So for those who demand instant file transfers in their systems, this is the drive for them.

transcend Storejet 25MC

We also tested the portable hard drive using ATTO Disk Benchmark. Testing with transfer sizes from 512B to 64MB at 256 MB total length, here are the results:

Transcend StoreJet
® 25MC 1TB Hard Drive’s steep price is justifiable due to its excellent performance and massive storage space. This is very valuable for next generation devices with Type-C ports. We are giving Transcend StoreJet® 25MC 1TB Hard Drive a score of 5 out of 5.

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