The Everyday Sound

By: Rafael Aquino


When going through our everyday lives, music is a near-requirement in keeping the stress off. And with good speakers come good music. The F&D F210X Bluetooth Speakers are definitely a good complement to one's entertainment system especially after a rough day.

Simple and manageable, its black frame indicates a restful appearance, wherein one may immediately attribute it to relaxation. Underneath the center speaker is a subwoofer and on its sides sit the stereophonic speakers. All-in-all, you see this, and you expect to give yourself some time to chill out.

The speakers include an auxiliary cable. It's perfect for bedroom-sized chambers, but not for big places such as theaters and courts.

Nonetheless, if one opts to use it in bigger spaces, it has a remote control should one needs to use it at a distance. It also comes with a USB slot for a far more convenient smartphone connection. It's truly versatile when it comes to its sources of sound

The F&D 210X's bass is easy to configure. Songs such as Lorde's Bravado showed good bass when equalized to the concert mode. And when the bass was lowered, Coldplay's Viva La Vida had very stark instruments. Something we found during all of our four tests is that the bass is considerably loud when set, while when it's lowered, treble is remarkable. The speakers can go from heavy to crisp with a single wind of the settings.

The F&D 210X also has FM capability, which is a very good complement to the Bluetooth and auxiliary capabilities, especially when one does not have their own songs to choose from. Using the Bluetooth settings makes it not only good for playing from a distance, but also improves the control behind it: smartphones, for example, can play at distances, and can play while using texts and even allows charging from another socket. Improving this further is how both the phone and speakers can control their bass, resulting in a bass sound that is just outstanding.

Verdict: 5 Stars. This speakers' set of interfaces makes it very versatile. Its different ways of taking its source of sound make it well-rounded, and this is further complemented by the bass-and-treble controls which can not only be set on the speakers but also on the source's equalizer.

The Everyday Sound
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