The Simple Solid Block of Metal That Will Save Your Time and Effort in Everyday Business and VR Control

By: PCBG Writing Staff


The Simple Solid Block of Metal That Will Save Your Time and Effort in Everyday Business and VR  Control

I got my hands on a black review subject ― Lenovo™ VIBE K5. When its light isn’t open, it’s almost like a black slab of metal. Yes, until you use it, it’s rather basic. It was obviously made for simplicity: One side for display, the other side for the camera. In fact, I had trouble finding out how to open the thing because I don’t know which way it should open. Still, in my honest opinion that’s actually a good thing and less of a bad thing. Remember: a busy person doesn’t go for aesthetics; business people are down-to-earth.

Now let’s get to the software. From the outside, simple, right? Turn it on, however, there’s a pretty splash screen to welcome you into the interface. That’s when the phone unveils its colorful peacock feathers. It has an AMOLED display, which makes the colors more vibrant. I was amazed, to be honest. From a chunk of business steel, to a chunk of fun titanium – that’s how it goes.

When the welcome animation finishes, you’re met with the interface first and foremost, which in itself can be changed via the “Preferences” icon when you hold instead of a quick tap on the screen. It can switch to the VIBEUI look, which is more compact, and the conventional Android™ launcher.

For now, I’ll try to describe the former launcher setting.

The VIBEUI setting is, like I said, compact. Solid. Simple. Easy. The apps are all on the head page. It’s a quick way to check out your phone’s capabilities, and everything is easily reachable. I’m talking, SUPER reachable. Swipe to the left, that’s where everything is, and to the right, you get the stock apps; you know what I mean.

(Side note: It runs on Lollipop OS, aka Android 5.1)

Other things to consider:

1. Notifications bar move from left to right when idle instead of the orthodox up-to-down.

2. Volume and power are both on the same side of the phone.

3. Fast graphics – not much moving parts; less complexity and more speed

4. No external jutting buttons with earphone and charger both on one side



The AMOLED display is really impressive, as well as the preference between Android™ and VIBEUI launchers as it allows users to actually switch between gaming and business. If you’re the business type, this one should be the phone for you. And since it’s very much capable of imparting the VR experience, then it becomes absolutely great for gaming too. For all these, I’m giving the Lenovo™ VIBE K5 an excellent mark.

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