When the Gaming Gets Tough : MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON

By: Rhea R. Sanvictores


When the Gaming Gets Tough : MSI� Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON

When first-rate gaming motherboards are the subject matter, one can easily expect Taiwanese tech giant MSI® to always transpire on top of the list. Its GAMING Series boards have undeniably proven that they are all made to stand the test of time after successfully passing the most stringent tests conducted by MSI®’s own technical team alongside some of the world’s most prominent eSports players. And that’s seemingly how it is for the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON.

As the name suggests, the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON is crafted with carbon-fiber, which makes the board exude a flashy and futuristic look. Evidently enough on the board’s box is an image of a racing car, which simply indicates that the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON is able to deliver an outstanding execution for a supreme gaming experience. Widely used in the car racing due to its lightweight build, the reinforced polymer greatly factors in achieving the ultimate performance, making it reason enough for MSI® to employ it in its line of commercial gaming boards.

Commercial Gaming Boards

Another outstanding element of this board that’s worth every penny is the OC Engine 2, an external clock generator that helps gamers conveniently pull off a complete overclock during configuration. By offering a lower power consumption, the OC Engine 2 is able to deliver a great amount of stability under extreme conditions, thus driving the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON to a seamless performance, while helping gamers achieve their fullest gaming potential.

...gaming potential

Equipped with MSI®’s very own GAMING LAN that features Intel®’s 1219 LAN, the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON freely lets gamers plump on the components of their utmost choice so they can advantageously take over their battles without any lags and with the lowest latency possible. Having Intel®’s 1219 LAN on this MSI® board surely and greatly aids gamers especially the ones engaged in professional battles and LAN eSports as this provides a superior level of performance by means of delivering more throughputs and reducing the CPU overhead.

As for the results generated, the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON fared well in the series of tests that we conducted.






In terms of sound quality, the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON did not disappoint us. Featuring the Audio Boost 3, which is powered by the state-of-the-art Nahimic Sound Technology, the board provided an immersive virtual 7.1 sounds in high-definition, which makes it extremely apt for intense gaming. By way of an 8-channel HD Audio or high-impendence headphones, gamers get to hear every tiny bit of sound loud and clear in every game they play, which greatly aids them in navigating their tactics towards a triumphant battle.

Testbed Specifications:
6th Generation Intel
® Core™ i7-6700
® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X
® VS650
® Vengeance LPX 16GB
COUGAR Solution AF-2
ADATA Premier Pro SP900 256GB
® 10 64-Bit



Filled with so many great features alongside an affordable price tag, the MSI® Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON seals the deal for every gamer’s needs. Holding an exclusive GAMING certification, the PRO CARBON provides the utmost kind of performance that is sure to make the gameplay experience nothing more but truly satisfying.

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