Wield the Power of Lightning: DragonWar Thor Gaming Mouse

By: Rafael Aquino


Games have sent the PC into greater heights as new peripherals are created, such as keyboards, mice, and sound systems. The DragonWar Thor Professional Gaming Mouse is one of the few best gaming mice out there.

From a physical perspective, the DragonWar Thor is impressive despite its relatively simple sleek look for a gaming mouse, layered with a rubber palm touch and illustriously simple plastic buttons. It has 2 programmable buttons whose functions can be bound inside game control settings. It also features a green rapid fire button that an adept professional gamer could make use of in times of need. To add to that, it also has a DPI setting control, with which the professional gamer can change the sensitivity of the mouse, whenever the professional eSports player sees fit.

Weild the Power of Lightning:  DragonWar Thor Gaming Mouse

What really sets it apart from other DragonWar products is its shape. The DragonWar Phantom, for example, is made to look flat and balanced, and the Ares was made to be shaped like that of a conventional mouse. Unlike them, the Thor was made to fit the thumb, such that the two programmable buttons at the side could be easily accessed, especially during those times when the gamer requires a good jolt in action.

Weild the Power of Lightning:  DragonWar Thor Gaming Mouse

The DragonWar Thor proved useful during the first-person shooting moments of ARMA3. With the lowest DPI setting, we were able to use the gaming mouse for clean-cut trigger controls – useful in the game’s scoped weapons and helicopter controls.

The mouse also allowed for higher DPI. When playing at the fastest setting, we saw the greatest motion blur at high DPI, and our character could look right behind them rather quickly. Coupled with our NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 video card, we saw the best in the game’s motion graphics.

As for the side buttons, the green rapid-fire button was useful in our shooting games since we could use single-fire weapons at exceptionally fast speeds. Adding the other two mouse buttons at the side, we had no trouble shooting with both speed and precision, since we had the option to change our loadout with a single button.



The DragonWar Thor shows excellent performance, and needless to say, we should give it a perfect score.

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