Transcend ESD400 Portable Solid State Drive: It’s the Drive No One Can Belittle

By: Christine Joy Calsis


Trancend ESD400

Clearly, the augmentation of solid-state drives production is getting quite an attention, especially to the PC geeks and avid gamers. Then there came the introduction of these portable SSDs in the market that made the public even more susceptible to technology.

Trancend ESD400

Transcend, a renowned brand of innovative storage solutions, comes in the fad of these portable SSDs as more and more consumers prefer this kind of storage device nowadays. Opting not to get lost in the track, the ESD400 is the finest bullet they boast.

Trancend ESD400

The Transcend ESD400 is sleek and anyone can see it from the moment they lay their eyes on its window-styled box. The drive’s packaging is utterly loaded with information. Looking at the back of the box, one can instantly see the specifications and features transcribed in different languages. Inside, the ESD400 comes with a quick start guide, a warranty card, three promotional ad leaflets, a chic pouch that goes perfectly with the drive, and an 18.5-inch USB 3.0 cable.

Trancend ESD400

The ESD400 comes in stylish black, comprising a diamond-pattern on its front that beautifully complements the Transcend logo indicated below, while its back is simply yet exquisitely designed, in which there’s little information about the drive. On the top of the device, you’ll find a button, which is the auto-backup function. With the help of Transcend’s ELITE software, just by pushing the button, users can simply sync and back-up all their files stored on the ESD400. For its size, the ESD400 is really lightweight and may be easily brought anytime, anywhere. Use its nifty pouch that adds to its minimalist style so even your friends won’t notice it’s a storage drive.

The drive features a Micro-B USB 3.0 port. The USB cable is long enough to move the ESD400 around. How Transcend managed to make the cable not too short and not too long is also commendable.

For its performance, the ESD400 showed an impressive set of results when it got tested under the following benchmarking tools – ATTO, AS SSD, and Crystal Disk Mark. Basically, it’s the “Seq” and the “4K” categories consumers most look into. The sequential read/write measures how fast a drive can transfer large files while the 4K random read/write determines the speed of a drive in accessing randomly scattered small files.

The first tool that put the ESD400 to the test was the Crystal Disk Mark.

Crystal Disk Mark

Next was the AS SSD benchmark tool.

AS SSD Benchmark Tool

Then last was the ATTO Disk benchmark tool.

ATTO Disk Benchmark Tool

But of course, I also had to try it myself. To prove that the ESD400 can really do great, I tried transferring a 1GB-sized movie file into the ESD400 and readied a stopwatch to know how fast it can perform its task with large-sized files. Seemingly, what seemed to be a minute or so task for a standard external hard drive to accomplish only took the ESD400 an unbelievable four seconds to finish.

Wrapping up, the ESD400 clearly delivered amazing results using the benchmark tools. It also did great when I transferred one of my favorite movies to it. Hence, users are assured nothing but a topnotch quality performance from the drive.


5 stars

Transcend had a job well done in devising the ESD400. Everything that a user would want in a storage device is embodied in the ESD400. From being affordable to pocket-friendly and lightweight to its blazingly fast performance, it’s no doubt that the ESD400 is the ultimate option for upsizing your storage space. It has an enormous capacity of up to 1TB, which can store all your important and memorable files and which you can easily access anytime you need them. And with the ESD400, there’s no need to wait for several minutes or hours for transferring tons and tons of photos or videos as it only takes seconds to do so.

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