Released after the i7-6700, the Intel® Core™ i7-6800 processors provided some differences to consider.

Intel® has a motif of “tick-tock” design in its processors – “tick” being the first design, and “tock” being the improvement of it – The “tick” has newer technology than the last, and the “tock” processor is simply an improvement but has the same technology.


The i7-6800K falls under “tick.” From the former 8 threads of the i7-6700K (which is a “tock” of the i7-6600K, and thus an improvement of it), it comes with a staggering 12 threads, thus allowing for more instructions to be sent into the processor. Not only that – it also has 6 cores, a great improvement from the i7-6700K, which has 4 cores. With each core having the said threads, that’s a massive improvement for the number of instructions that can pass into the CPU.


Sadly, the i7-6800K has no on-board GPU. This is most probably because of its “tick” design. This processor would be unsuitable for gaming without a discrete GPU, as all of the graphics’ memory would be shouldered by the RAM.


While being a K series processor, it does run at somewhat lower frequencies under turbo (as K series was made to be turbo-powered); but this is to be expected from a “tick” processor. The processor next in line would run at formidable frequencies.


While being a powerful CPU, the Intel i7-6800K does not reach its full potential as a processor of 6 cores. Nonetheless, it remains a strong opponent not only to its Skylake predecessor but also to competing brands. It is a good choice should one prefer a Broadwell processor.


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Released after the i7-6700, the Intel® Core™ i7-6800 processors provided some differences to consider.. See More

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