Appearing in a shiny black (and classy white in another variant) thermos build, the LG MUSIC flow Sound 360 Bluetooth speaker makes an elegant yet persuasive name in the sphere of portable audio devices. Its smart-looking appearance is definitely something not to be missed out, while its stance really calls for some deserving attention. But more than the looks, still the speaker’s attractive impact to the ears should be the primary reason for anyone to go ga-ga over this LG creation.


Sporting an impressive 360 design, acquiring striking sounds from all angles can be effortlessly achieved with the LG Sound360. Seemingly in this instance, users get to experience full circle sounds just the way they have always wanted. But more than its ability to take in sounds from all directions, the speaker is also able to fill an entire room with nothing but genuine sounds, courtesy of its sonic spectrum’s commendable transmission. With all these exceptional highlights, the likelihood of a party-themed venue undoubtedly becomes effortlessly achievable.


Keeping in mind how the number of audiophiles greatly multiplies on a daily basis, LG couldn’t be more sure with their concept of the Sound360. Ideally made for each and every audiophile on the planet, the Sound360 provides up to 20 hours of playtime. Powered by a 5200mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, this portable speaker only requires a maximum of five hours of charging time in exchange of up to 20 hours of cool and entertaining music.



And for the audiophiles who still long for more sounds, rejoice as LG has its own way to give in to their greed. Since the Sound 360 is Bluetooth-enabled, users can simply sync with their fellow LG Bluetooth speaker users to further intensify the volume for an unending party mood. Through the LG MUSIC flow BT app, audiophiles who own Android™ or iOS devices can wirelessly connect up to three devices all at the same time to the speaker to get in return a more astounding resonance. Furthermore, audiophiles can freely stream their favorite tunes from their smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device that has Bluetooth connectivity. But if all these are not yet enough, then audiophiles can nonetheless cheer up for more as something greater can still be further acquired from the Sound 360. To satisfy their ears beyond excellence, they just simply have to pair up their Sound 360 to their LG TV for a more immersive surround sound experience.


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