Tech experts and various computer enthusiasts, from what it seems to be an uncontested case, are blown away by AMD’ next-generation processor. As it appears, great raves have been undeniably uttered these past few weeks about the American semiconductor giant’s first-rate processing chip – the Ryzen.

With its very recent launch, the Ryzen, which is built on the innovative Zen architecture, is believed to transform the CPU paradigm beyond recall. Wisely formulated to achieve the highest degree of computing performance, the Ryzen comprises an enormous bandwidth, a low-latency cache system, and an impressive simultaneous multithreading for higher throughputs. Having employed the new 14nm FinFET technology on the Ryzen can only guarantee AMD’s latest beast to generate lower power and capacitance. With obviously slimmer transistor fins, this chip would seemingly acquire a highly improved density, thus allowing for a more seamless way of computing.

Meant to compete against Intel®’s series of Skylake processors, namely the Intel® Core™ i7, i5, and i3, AMD’s Ryzen will materialize in three platforms ─ SR (Summit Ridge) 7, SR 5, and SR 3. The highest-ranking SR has an eight-core, 16-thread CPU, and obviously the greatest clocking ability.

And to give the eager audience a taste of what the Ryzen has in store, AMD was kind enough to showcase a demo battle featuring the new eight-core, 16-thread Ryzen CPU running with the latest GTX Titan X going against the Intel® Core™ i7-6900K, which also utilized the same NVIDIA® GPU. Base clocked at 3.4GHz, both machines were running at a 4K resolution with a stunning range of 60 – 70 frames per second even during the highly anticipated climax of Battlefield 1.

Result-wise, Intel®’s bet might just need some reassessment of its self-worth after witnessing an unbelievable performance from the Ryzen. Having equalized the caliber of the Intel® Core™ i7-6900K, the Ryzen has just proven that it can greatly compete with its closest rival on various aspects primarily on multi-threaded and gaming workloads.


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