Strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection is a must-have for every Filipino home. Whether it’s for browsing, streaming, online gaming or keeping up on social media, the internet has become the main platform for Filipino families to connect, communicate, and enjoy their digital lifestyles at their home.
However, not all homes are created equal. When it comes to Wi-Fi, the bigger the home, the more extensive coverage is required. A standard 2.4 GHz router can cover up to 150 feet indoors. For bigger homes, especially multi-level ones with thicker walls and plenty of metal objects, a lone router will have a tough time providing reliable and consistent signal. In short, dead spots become inevitable. Larger homes need a more complex and system to ensure optimal performance.


Other factors that affect Wi-Fi performance include multiple users and gadgets, sheer volume of bandwidth use and ‘bandwidth hoggers’-application and programs that run in the background which can eat up a significant chunk of bandwidth allocation and slow down the connection.


While some of these factors can be temporarily solved with DIY hacks, the best way to manage dead spots and ensure strong and reliable connection at home is to let the experts handle it.


Who can you call?


When it comes to reliable professional intervention, the country’s leading digital services provider PLDT Home, now makes it easy for subscribers to solve their Wi-Fi issues through Whole Home Wi-Fi-the Philippines’ first intelligent Home Wi-Fi technology designed to blanket the entire home with wireless connectivity.


“Each home has its unique characteristics that affect Wi-Fi performance,” PLDT and Smart FVP and Head of Consumer Business – Market Development and Concurrent Head of Consumer Digital Solutions Oscar A. Reyes, Jr. said. “Wi-Fi is not always as easy as we think. With this innovative service, you can let the experts handle the complex technicalities. We want to make it easy for our subscribers to enjoy high-speed and uninterrupted internet at home.”


With Whole Home Wi-Fi, broadband users do not need to struggle with their home routers or range extenders to solve their pressing Wi-Fi concerns. All they have to do is to subscribe to the all-new Whole Home Wifi Plan from PLDT Home – which comes with 50mbps Fibr connection, the Whole Home technology and FREE assisted installation service by their experts, the Home Geek Squad.


The Home Geek Squad is a group of “technical architects” pioneered by PLDT Home. Their mission is to help subscribers set up the Whole Home Wi-Fi system at their home. This team will provide subscribers end to end servicing — from professional assessment of problem areas and Wi-Fi dead spots at home to concrete, customized and strategic recommendations for router placements, up to dedicated assistance and after-sales support.
Revive those dead spots


When you move farther away from the router or place it in an obscure part of the house, it can result in the signal getting weaker, causing lag time during browsing or streaming.


It is also a fact that there will always be unavoidable Wi-Fi dead spots in big houses. Regular home fixtures like doors, metal cabinets and even thick walls, and unsuspecting appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens can also become signal blockers, which mean they interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Doors and metals fixtures can reduce signal strength by up to 50 percent, while appliances can cause greater loss, at up to 80 percent.


Some of these Wi-Fi signal issues can be solved with simple DIY tricks but the bigger and more complex matters are often beyond the control of end-users, and thus require professional intervention. Now subscribers need not to worry about their Wi-Fi coverage problems at home with PLDT Home’s intelligent Wi-Fi technology and the expert solution from the Home Geek Squad.


The Whole Home Wi-Fi with Home Geek Squad services are available to all subscribers who will apply for a PLDT Home Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499. Existing PLDT Home subscribers who are interested to have this solution can just simply upgrade to the Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499.
For more information about PLDT Home’s Whole Home Wi-Fi solution, visit


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