Video games are starting to become hybrids of different genres. Developers are maximizing their market, so they’re spicing things up, sometimes putting together FPS, RTS, and Flight Sim elements. In those games, should you really fly or not? Here we will list the pros and cons of getting on a plane and fighting in the sky.


Pro: It is something to brag about because of real skill.
If you’ve played games such as Battlefield and flown a plane, you’ll realize that it’s really hard to take control of a vehicle in the stratosphere going faster than a Lamborghini. Gamer pilots are never n00bs!


Con: Your hardware needs to scale up with your skill.
If you’ve played around with your Trade Federation Tri-Fighter, you’ll see that at 600 kilometers in the sky, things will start to get tiny. At such high altitudes, you’ll need bigger monitors and better GPUs, so don’t be afraid to improve your rig.


Pro: Air superiority gives way to air assets.
If you’ve played Planetside 2, you’ll note that you can literally spawn in the sky – one can redeploy inside a flying vehicle. Air assets like these can win your battles.


Con: It can be useless.
So, say hypothetically you do manage air superiority. What if the enemy has no more flying spawn points or heavy bombers? If you have nothing to destroy from the sky, then your pilots are better off in their Power Armor.


Pro: Aircrafts are hard to kill.
Warthogs fly high and are terribly fast. Something going at 300kph at 1.5km in altitude cannot be hit with a pistol. You’ll need Patriot Missiles or Sky Guards for that. Good Warthog pilots cannot be shot down so easily.


Con: Losing friendly aircrafts is heartbreaking.
All the fun stops though, when those Warthogs drop to the ground one by one with a good Arc Trooper. Seeing powerful allies fall is not a good sight, so losing planes would bring heartache to your team.


Pro: Planes are cool!
Everyone agrees with this!


Con: Flying can be hard sometimes.
…everyone agrees with this too.


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