Cheating is bad, duh. In any competitive game, it is looked down upon. Gaining an unfair advantage is just not a good way to enjoy the contest of gaming wits. But what if you could gain an advantage but still play fair?


Sonic Radar™ is a system made for FPS games, but could potentially work for other genres, too. It is effective in this regard, and would surely help in enjoying your game. The Sonic Radar™ (and the more recent Sonic Radar™ II and Sonic Radar™ III) software is present in ASUS ROG motherboards after they released their gaming motherboards and peripherals during the era of the Z87 chipset. One such motherboard is the Maximus VII Gene. The Sonic Radar™ software has since been a great standard.


What makes the ASUS ROG Sonic Radar™ different from other built-in software is that it directly applies to your game. Using the default 3D sound output, Sonic Radar™ calculates the source of the sound and uses an HUD prompt that directs the user where the sound came from. Think: Sniper Elite where you get to pinpoint your quarry. Overwatch where you don’t have to fly as Pharah. Maybe even Truck Simulator where you can move across the freeway with ease.


A word of advice: If you can get your hands on a good deal for an ASUS ROG motherboard with Sonic Radar™, take it!


* metamudkip plays Planetside 2 at 3am and bombs military bases whilst eating last night’s Beef Chao Fan take out.


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