Of course, you get too “mature” for a game. They’d even tell you you’re not mature enough for one, why not the other way? Anyway, you’d see some people don’t play the same stuff they used to. They still play PC games, sure, but it’s not the same kinds of games.


Game “maturity,” obviously, does not just come with age. It also comes with how you’ve acquired your taste in gaming.


1. Game Pace
As we grow up, we start to lose the same reflexes we had as pubiscents. I remember I could shoot a terrorist across the tunnel in de_dust when I was 14, now that I’m 24, I can’t even hit a Vortigaunt with a crowbar. I’m serious.


As we grow older, we just can’t quite see the point of run-and-gun games. It becomes pointless to just see how the speed of the mouse can’t really compete with that of a kid who doesn’t really see the very POINT of the game. Which brings us to the next item…



2. Theme
I’m not talking about sexual themes. GTA is a big culprit, I admit, and I’ve been stealing cars as Carl Johnson well before reaching 17 years old. But that’s not the point. The point is how the game manages to strike your emotions.


Counter Strike, for example, is a simple game of killing-each-other-for-kicks. Get a little older, and you realize that it’s about two different philosophies fighting each other: the Terrorists who want to fight government opression, and the Counter-Terrorists who want to keep the peace, even if it means killing.


Other games, such as The Sims, are much more simple. Getting old, however, and you see how it’s just a game of avoiding the monotony of your OWN life. The Sims is your own version of how your life SHOULD be, with your own family, a huge mansion, and a couple of Maserratis, something that a 9-year old would not appreciate.


3. Community
Games for “mature” gamers tend to be realistic. To be fair, “realistic” is just another name for “hard.” For real. But is that really what makes them different?


For example, you’d see games like ArmA. Though unrealistic counterparts would be Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, in the end it’s not about how you can’t play it as an “immature” player – it’s more of you wanting to be a PART of the community at large.


And that’s where the audience is filtered.


Games that are realistic tend to have a smaller audience. For the same reason that VR Chat has people who simply want to talk the stress out, military simulators and tactical co-ops point to a more assertive audience. Mature people want to interact! The “mature gamer” playerbases want to give everyone the chance to give a contribution to the team (and no wonder that these so-called “mature” games are always team games).


I can’t really list down all of the reasons, so I just jotted a few of the general items that make up a mature-gamer’s game, but nonetheless, I hope you get the point.


* Metamudkip keeps a collection of John Cena action figures, but you can’t see them.


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