The Most Expensive Yet the Best iPhone to Date


Apple Inc., prior to their newest iPhone launch (iPhone X), has been somewhat obvious of tiptoeing the handheld’s presence to the public. Quite possibly, they were carefully defying and, plausibly, learning from the never-ending leaks of the iPhone X’s physical aspect to come up with the ultimate impression.

Brighten Up the Whole Room with the JBL® Pulse 3


Well, for a very long time, JBL® has had numerous products outside of the Bluetooth® gimmick that captured the hearts of Hi-Fi enthusiasts. In other words, the company is undoubtedly proven and tested in terms of giving the best sound quality for all kinds of consumers.

Intel® Introduces Coffee Lake through i7-8700K


Just when you thought the Intel® Core™ i9-7900K already makes you the tallest person in the circle, think again and watch out. For someone who might already have the Intel® Core™ i7-8700K, then that simply justifies that someone else stands greater than you.

An Honest Review of the NBA 2K18


NBA 2K – very well-known to sports video game fans as the pinnacle of realistic virtual basketball – has proudly released its 19th installment of their beloved franchise

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