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  • Wall-Plugged Wi-Fi Repeater

    Astech Pengson

    Wall-Plugged Wi-Fi Repeater


  • HL113E-2

    Astech Pengson HL113E/HL113EW

    Home Plug Wireless Starter Kit


  • A300

    Tenda A300

    Wifi Range Extender


  • EX100

    Totolink EX100

    An external 4dBi Omni antenna with full 360 degree rotation available ensures reliable wireless connection.


  • EX200_1

    Totolink EX200

    EX200 can extend your wireless network to every corner of your house.


  • N150UA

    Totolink N150UA

    To secure the wireless connection, the adapter provides a WPS button so that users can easily setup a wireless connection with protection just by one click.


  • N150USM

    Totolink N150USM

    With the mini size, It is convenient for users to take without plugging out from PCs and creates a mobile Wi-Fi connection.


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