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  • AS3102T-2

    Asustor AS3102T

    A Powerful and Economical NAS Featuring 4K Multimedia Playback and Hardware Encryption


  • AS3104T

    Asustor AS3104T

    An Exceptional All-Around Multimedia Entertainment Storage Solution


  • AS3202T-2

    Asustor AS3202T

    An evolved processor provides even more reliable performance


  • AS6102T

    Asustor AS6102T

    A High Performance NAS Featuring 4K playback to Enhance your Digital Home Lifestyle


  • AS6104T

    Asustor AS6104T

    The AS6104T Features 4K Playback and Added Storage Capacity,Perfectfor Prosumers


  • AS6202T

    Asustor AS6202T

    Enjoy High Speed Encryption Performance; A Flagship Model for Both Work and Play


  • AS6204RD

    Asustor AS6204RD

    An Ideal Storage Solution for SMBs Featuring Elite Performance and Functionality


  • AS6204RS

    Asustor AS6204RS

    An Ideal Storage Solution for SMBs Featuring Elite Performance and Functionality


  • AS6204T

    Asustor AS6204T

    Featuring a Quad-Core Processor and Hardware Encryption Engine for Demanding Enterprise Applications


  • AS6208T

    Asustor AS6208T

    Designed for your growing business


  • AS6210T

    Asustor AS6210T

    Elite performing, high capacity storage solution designed for enterprise environments


  • AS6204RD

    Asustor AS6212RD

    Create 120 TB High Capacity Enterprise-Class Storage


  • AS6204RD

    Asustor AS7004T

    A High-Capacity NAS Designed for the Prosumer


  • AS7008T

    Asustor AS7008T

    A Powerful NAS Server Featuring Cutting-Edge Hardware for Enterprise and Multimedia Applications


  • AS7009RD

    Asustor AS7009RD

    An enterprise class rackmount storage server


  • AS7009RD

    Asustor AS7009RDX

    An enterprise class rackmount storage server


  • AS6208T

    Asustor AS7010T

    A 10-Bay Premium NAS Server Designed for Demanding Enterprise and Multimedia Applications


  • AS6204RD

    Asustor AS7012RD

    An enterprise class storage solution


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