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  • E-330

    F&D E330 Extra Bass Earphone

    FD brings you a professional stereo earphone with superior sound technology


  • EW201

    F&D EW201 Wireless Sports Earphone

    The F&D EW202 has a simple cardboard box  with partitions inside that contains the earphones itself


  • ew202

    F&D EW202 Wireless Sports Earphone

    The F&D EW202 is a wireless headset that can be worn during workout


  • F210X

    F&D F210X Speaker

    F&D F210X 2:1 bluetooth home speaker system has elegant speaker design


  • F3800X

    F&D F3800X Speaker

    F&D F3800X high quality 5:1 computer speaker system has 3″ full range satellite driver


  • F550X

    F&D F550X Speaker

    F&D F550X multimedia speaker has 3 inch full range satellite driver


  • HW-110

    F&D HW 110 Wireless Stereo Headphone

    FD on-ear headphone is a powerful device that enables you to enjoy quality sound


  • T-280

    F&D T-280 TV Speaker

    2 inches full range driver and 1 inch silk tweeter, Wooden finishing looks elegant


  • T-360X

    F&D T-360X TV Speaker

    F&D T-360X high performance wireless home theater system power has 4 x 2.25 inch


  • T-388

    F&D T-388 TV Speaker

    F&D T-388 TV sound bar speaker has 140 watt power output, 2″ full range drivers, 1″ tweeter, 8″ driver


  • T-400X

    F&D T-400 TV Speaker

    F&D T-400X tower bluetooth TV speaker has 20 watt x 2 RMS sound output,


  • T-60X

    F&D T-60X TV Speaker

    F&D T-60X floor standing tower speaker has elegant wooden cabinet design


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