Minix Neo X6

Full 1080p HD Media


Published on: 25 May 2018

The NEO X6 has our most advanced single-band 802.11n Wi-Fi external antenna, designed to handle wireless speeds up until 150 Mbps. No need for buffering or delays: the NEO X6 can stream effortless and seamless, and it will meet most of the real-time streaming needs of our users. The NEO X6 is supplied with 1080p H.265 / HEVC hardware decoding support. H.265 / HEVC is the future of video compression – it reaches almost double the compression ratio with H.264, its predecessor, without compromising on video quality.

 Product Type  Mini PC
 CPU  Quad Core Amlogic S805 (1.5GHz)
 GPU  Quad Core Mali 450 MP4
 Memory  1GB DDR3
 Storage  8GB eMMc
 USB  2 x USB 2.0
 Bluetooth  4
 Wifi  802.11 n Single Band
 Memory Card Reader  Yes, up until 32GB
 Video Formats  AVI/RM/RMVB/MKV/WMV/MOV/MP4/WEBM/DAT(VCD-format)
 Video Output  HDMI 1.4
 Audio Output  Optical SPDIF
 HDMI  Yes
 Resolutions  1080 (1920×1080)
 Airplay  Yes
 DLNA  Yes
 Miracast  Yes
 D Support  Yes
 Colour  Black

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    1 out of 5

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